Are there tribes in Kenya that condone and promote theft & fraud as a way of life?

I’ve have heard that one of the reasons that so much net scammery comes out of Kenya is that there are certain tribes there where scamming people is practically a way of life in that culture, and is not looked upon negatively.

Is this true?

Don’t you mean Nigeria? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a well-known net scam out of Kenya.

Yes… Nigeria. :smack: Alzheimer’s apparently beginning early.

Rumor has it that some Nigerian clans adhere to an ancient tribal mythos known as “capitalism”, wherein one’s goal in society is to advance one’s status as much as possible, regardless of the cost to others.

According to this site (for whose claims I make no assertions of veracity),


If this is true, one contributing factor may be the history of Ibo (Igbo) grievances which led to the 1967 secession of the Ibo-dominated southeast and subsequent declaration of the new Republic of Biafra. With the failure of the rebellion and the consequent inability of Ibos to regain positions of power and wealth they had once enjoyed, many members of the tribe could have turned to scamming out of desperation and with some feeling of justification.

Note that revolutionary groups often turn to crime for fund-raising purposes.

The Ibo may have plans.

Or, they may have started out as revolutionary fund-raisers, & degenerated into crime-for-crime’s-sake types.

Isn’t that how the Mafia got started? Something about the Napoleonic Wars?

The theories I read about the origins of the Mafia say it was an association of Sicilian peasants uniting against either the arbitrariness of feudal lords or simply bandits. I’m also pretty sure to have read that the Mafia predated the Napoleonic Wars, dating back to at least the 18th century.