Are these drugs toxic?

Can hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD, shrooms (psilocybin mushrooms) and even marijuana be toxic at extremely high doses? I’ve tried to research them a bit but found some conflicting information. Some cites seem to indicate that there is no known toxicity with regards to health problems, overdoses or addiction. But what if one were to consume one of these drugs at 10x, 100x or over 1000x the normal dose?

Of course, these drugs can cause problems resulting from hallucinations, for example, making someone jump out a window because the person thinks he or she can fly. But has anyone ever died or had serious damage from any of these three drugs because of the drugs alone? If not, is there any possible dose that could kill a person?

Not that I’m planning to take a megadose of any such drugs, I was just curious, that’s all.

The LD 50 for psilocybin in the mouse is 280 mg/kg. Feel free to extrapolate from there.

For THC, it’s about 1 gram per kilogram.

One study has the LD 50 of LSD at 60 mg/kg.

In other words, it’d difficult to kill oneself thru direct toxcity of said substances, but not impossible.

(BTW, LD 50 means the dose at which 50% of the test subjects die)