Are Those Girls Really Naked at the Start Of Bond Movies?

I watched “The Spy Who Loved Me” last night on TBS. Those chicks really look naked. How can they get away with showing naked women(silouette(sp) or not) on broadcast TV?

I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Showing a nekkid lady in silhouette is no more risqué than showing her in full light and a body stocking. They’ve gotten away with far more on NYPD Blue IIRC.

Unless you get channels we don’t tune in to, TBS is a cable channel, not broadcast.

Well your right but arn’t cable companies regulated by the FCC as well? And the networks show bond movies too. So they are naked huh?

If you can’t tell for sure if they are naked, how can you have a basis to complain? “Hi, uh, FCC? Yeah, uh, I see a bunch of swirling colors and shapes on TBS, and it kinda looks like it might be nekkid girls. Maybe.”

And, IIRC TBS is(was?) a broadcast station in Atlanta that happens to be carried on cable nationwide. They are the ones with the evil 5 minute offset, right?

The concept of what they can’t show on television is not a black and white one. Several things come into play such as local community standards, the nature of the content, its redeeming value and the time it’s shown. Most of what we consider to be the standards are self imposed by the broadcast and cable networks. Sometimes they push the limits as ABC (?) did with NYPD Blue prime time frontal nudity and get away with it. The Maurice Binder opening credits to a Bond film may be titillating but don’t push boundaries much.

The “15 Days of 007” allow you to compare the changes in what was acceptable nudity then and now. Check out the opening of “Goldfinger” (1964). There, you have the dancing ladies in the credits, but they are all wearing bikinis.

By the time of “Live and Let Die” (1974), the ladies are now naked, but you never really see anything clearly. I think if you stare long enough, you just might see the silhouette of a nipple.

That’s about as far as it goes. I don’t believe there was a Bond film with an opening that blatantly showed a naked women (or showed the silhouette of pubic hair).

TBS is a broadcast channel, in Atlanta. It just happens to be carried on just open every basic cable system in the country.

Yeah, they are on “Turner Time,” all right. Sheisty trick, that one. IIRC, there are quite a few other networks now on Turner Time, like CNN, IIRC, most or all of them Turner owned networks.

How does one tell the difference between a silhouette of a naked woman, and a silhouette of a woman in a bikini, anyway? Unless she bent really far forward, so you could see the strap across her cleavage, I don’t think that you could.

The trick for me is to look at the positioning of the breasts. If they seem unnaturally high, I assume some form of support (i.e. a bikini). Also sometimes with clothing on, there’ll be a straight line from shoulder to end of breast, whereas nude this is not the case.

How do you see a strap in a silhouette?

I rented a double feature for the kids. “Goldfinger” and “Goldeneye”. We watched them back to back. Holy shit… there is not only a lot of well side-lit nipple shots, but pubic hair is evident as well.

Not to be a prude, but my son is 10, and my daughter’s almost 9. I wasn’t thrilled at the thrilled look on my son’s face during the opening credits. My daughter just looked at me for a long moment.

My mistake, NOT theirs of course. I saw the Bond pictures as a pretty harmless series, and they are. But oye gevalt, those opening credit sequences…wowsah. :frowning: