Are those 'messaging doohickeys' still available?

I don’t want one, but I had not thought about them in a while.

I saw them advertised on the tube a few years ago, little devices that you could send messages to your friends over short distances. The commercials showed some school kids sending messages back and forth in class, so I’m guessing it was targeted to teens. It wasn’t a cell phone, but I don’t remember exactly what it was called.


The only ones I remember were text messages on cell phones. Are you sure that’s not it?

Agh. My daughter and her best friend have those and if it was here right now I could tell you the name of them. They are still available. Try the toy department at Wal*Walt.

I just read an article about them, but I don’t recall any brand names.

The article touts these things as a way to “enhance communication…people within 300 feet of each other can now send electronic messages back and forth!”

Maybe it’s me, but if someone is within 300 feet, I think I can manage to drag myself over and talk to them in person. :rolleyes:

[Old man voice]
Why, in my day…
[/Old man voice]

We had to cheat on tests the hard way, passing notes, coughing or other noise to represent answers, or looking off your neighbor’s paper. This makes it too easy.

I do remember hearing something about teachers in Europe having to confiscate their students’ cell phones during the test. Every student had one and they could all do text messaging.

The European cell phone technology is years ahead of us in the US. We’re just now starting to catch up.

Well, not if you’re in class, silly wolf. :smiley:

Jr. Ranger 1 and her friend send messages from one class to the other when they’re in the same section of the building in those ten minutes of preclass goofing off that goes on. Since I haven’t gotten a phone call from the school I can safely assume they haven’t gotten into any trouble over them. I can imagine they’d also be useful for inner-office gossip. :wink:

“Did you see Chris today? Rowl!”

AR, you crack me up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you can get them at OfficeDepot, Cyberblinko or something. Cost about $112.00

Lets you type messages to people who have one & a lot of other things.

That sounds like a lot of money for something that isn’t even a 'phone. Surely mobile 'phones that do text messaging can be got more cheaply. I’ve just thought, I hate to imagine the noise of bundles of schoolkids all busily pinging messages into their 'phones (or whatevers.)