Are those real planes in the movie "Hot Shots"?

I’m talking about the 1991 Charlie Sheen comedy.

I feel incredibly dumb asking this. In some scenes the planes look like cheap props, while in others it appears to be really flying. It’s idetified as the “Oscar EW5894 Phallus tactical fighter bomber.” :slight_smile: It looks vaguely like the French Jaguar, but isn’t. Twin scoops on either side of the fuselage, rocket pods on wing pylons.

I believe that the airplanes were F-5 Tigers, built by Grumman, but it has been a long time since I have seen that movie. In some of the scenes, the planes probably are models. Is this the airplane?

Correction, it was Northrop who built the F-5.

I think they were Hawker Siddley Gnats.

Doh, I went to paste another link and hit submit instead. Anyway, they’re old British trainer aircraft.

The bad guy planes were F-5. Actually, IIRC, it was footage of F-5s directly lifted from “Top Gun”, which were posing as "Mig-28"s.

Oh cool, they are indeed the Hawkers.

The f-5s were flown by the bad guys.

Ah, my claim to fame.

A friend of mine did the model work for Hot Shots and Hot Shots: Part Deux. I got to work for him for a while and the model of the Gnat with the pilot’s legs sticking out from the bottom was hanging in the shop.

I’m still trying to get back to work for him, but so much is done digitally these days. Still, I can hope.