Are Trick 0r Treaters only meant to be kids?

I was just wondering at what age do you think people should stop going Trick or Treating? While I know kids are giants these days compared to when I was a kid but I swear I had about 20 adults come to my door trick or treating last year. I think that is a little overboard.

My daughter (who is 23) told me that she knows people her age that still do it. I say tricks are for kids!

it’s not what you physicaly are but what you mentaly are.
So if you are 25 and have the mind of an 8year old it’s ok

I’ve always figured that so long as the will is there, and the person who wants to trick or treat actually goes through the effort of making and wearing a costume, then that person can trick or treat for as long as they want, sez I anyway. I have friends aged 19-21 that still trick or treat, but they always wear costumes.

I had a few kids that trick or treated withOUT a costume.
They were about 15 yrs old.

HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm had a great episode where Larry refuses to give candy to teenage girls not dressed up for Halloween. He ends up having his house TeePeed.
I always figured that Halloween Trick or Treating should be limited to kids 6th grade and under. Just an odd standard that’s a gut reaction with nothing to corroborate it with.

One Halloween, some teens came to the door bearing pillowcases but no costumes. My husband stood there looking at them, then he shut the door. He figured if they didn’t make an effort, they didn’t deserve candy.

Back when I was a kid, once you got out of elementary school, you were pretty much sneered at by your peers if you wanted to dress up and go Trick-or-Treating. After all, it’s what little kids did! I guess times have changed.

These are known as “thugs” or “panhandlers”, not trick-or-treaters. I keep a stash of lemons on hand for them.

If they’re old enough to vote, they’re too old to trick-or-treat. That’s my position. Last year, a teenager came to my door wearing a t-shirt that said, “COSTUME.” I was ready. I gave him a piece of paper that said, “CANDY.”

AskNott, that’s hilarious. :smiley:

Well, yeah. A 17-year-old friend, Galen, made up an extremely elaborate statue of liberty costume, including plastic torch, robe, and headgear, along with greenish bodypaint. Most of the remarks were along the lines of “Wow.”

Oh, man, when I was in college (the first time) we loved to dress up and stalk the streets in search of candy. But we’d dress up. In obscure costumes (I went as Patrokalus’ ((sp.)) ghost and went around saying “Remember me, Achillies!”, for example).

If you’re still trick-or-treating when you’re old enough to drive, that’s just lame. Trick-or-treating is for the little ones.

As an adult, I can find more fun things to do on Halloween. The candy has lost its appeal now that I can buy and eat sweets whenever I want. Though I loved trick-or-treating as a kid, now I’d much rather go to a party indoors with drinks, dancing, and great costumes. (Fortunately, my brother-in-law can be counted on to throw at least one such party. One October, he threw 4 different Halloween parties.)

Teenagers escorting their younger brothers and sisters around the neighborhood, however, get extra candy.

I’m 25. On Halloween, I throw parties. We still wear costumes, still eat candy, but darn it, it’s adult.

Heh. I’m 17 and I still trick-or-treat. But I ALWAYS were a costume. Those stupid boys who don’t wear costumes ruin everything for older “kids at heart”. I’ll only stop when I don’t have friends to go with. And every one dresses up for school. Just for fun.

I’d go to the parties that usually get thrown at Halloween, but they’re just “lets all get drunk” parites. Nothing Halloweeny about them. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I like to celebrate it in proper SPIRIT. (heehee, I like puns…)

I used to live in a sort-of upscale neighborhood that was surrounded by poorer neighborhoods. On Halloween, the neighborhood was swamped with trick-or-treaters to the point that it was dangerous to drive. Many of these trick-or-treaters were adults without costumes. It was more like a “food drive.”

The last year I went I was fifteen. I think about fifteen-sixteen is the limit.

If I ever get those snotty kids who aren’t costumed again, I think I’ll give them a “special treat bag” containing tampons.

If I feel someone is too old I give them one crappy piece of bazooka joe bubble gum. Unless they are a teen age girl in a skanky outfit.

Man, some people are such downers. I don’t believe you’re ever too old for anything!

I’m 20 and I’d go TorTing. Sadly, my friends are all too “mature” to do that. Of course, I agree completely that you no costume = no candy.

I think trick or treating should be put to bed after 6th grade, or 5th, whenever elementary school ends in your area.

I went until I was seventeen. If you’re too young to vote or buy scratch tickets, you should be able to get some loot on halloween. Man, I’m still bitter that I’m too old to go out trick or treating. Not quite enough to reproduce and steal the little one’s candy the first couple of halloweens, though :smiley: