Are TV and MOVIE "Stars" worth all the $?

My question is: Do you agree/disagree with the salaries that celebrities are demanding? I mean, what makes Arnold worth millions of dollars for just one movie? Why do people swoon over a rock star (to the point of fainting!)? I don’t get it.

Canada, as you may or may not know, is lacking in the TV and movie production industry and as such the “I want to be an actor” career path is not pursued by many.

I personally refuse to run down to the local mall, etc. to see some star who’s decided to bless us here in the great white north with his/her presence.

Well, of course they’re worth it, or they wouldn’t get paid. There is demand for movies, as there is for pro sports teams and music. I am willing to pay $8 to see what I’ve heard is a good movie. I’m willing to pay $12 for a good CD. I’m willing to shell out $20 to see my Cubbies. So are a few million other people.
As long as there’s demand, then yes, they deserve it. Don’t forget that somebody pays the celebrities’ salaries (team owners, movie producers) - and they’re probably making just as much as those celebrities.

Sucks to your assmar.

people are spending alot on movies. so there is a finite amount of money being put into the industry, and the only real question is ‘who deserves that money?’ same with athletes, whoever puts butts in seats. And like sports, they could easily come down on ticket prices. the theater only makes about .70 cents per ticket and the studios get the rest. the theaters make thier money on popcorn, etc.

so what we have here is a case of one person wanting a lot of money, and some studio agrees to give it to him, and that’s sets the presendence. then the union comes in and does there thing.

so do they deserve the money? Why not, they’re why you (not specifically) go to the movies.

the only thing i really have a problem with is people charging for appearances and autographs.

there is a trend though, and it’s a good one.
people are tired of seeing the same faces over and over.

long live indie