Are TV Stations In Cahoots?

Until recently, I was able to escape TV commercials by channel surfing…now it seems that different channels now have commercials on at the SAME TIME! How is this possible?
I’ll be watchin a movie on AMC, and an ad for floor cleaner comes on…so I flip to TCM…amd voila! an ad for toilet bowl cleaner is on!
Have the channels conspired to do this?
And, is it me, or has the amount of commercials on cable been increasing? Ya can’t seem to avoid them, these days! :smack:

Happens a lot on Sky (UK) I’t’d be time for the 7 minute add after 3 seconds of show and the first ad would be the horribly obnoxious Michael Winner one, so I’d quickly (lightning speed) flick, GAHH Michael Winner again!!

TCM doesn’t have commercials AFAIK.

I don’t think the stations are in cahoots with each other. I think they each attempt to schedule their commercials at roughly the same time to thwart channel surfing. If you check a dozen other channels during the commercial break of the show you’re watching and all you see is commercials then they think you’re likely to go back to your original choice.

Certain standards for telelvision production have evolved, the sequence for an hourlong drama being (for example):

1 minute:“Last time on Badge Patrol…” [clips from earlier episodes]
3 minutes: Teaser for tonight’s episode
1 minute: Opening Theme
3 minutes: Commercials
7 minutes: Act one
3 minutes: Commercials
7 minutes: Act two
3 minutes: Commercials
7 minutes: Act three
3 minutes: Commercials
7 minutes: Act four
3 minutes: Commercials
7 minutes: Act five
1 minute: Closing theme
4 minutes: Commercials until start of next program

It varies, naturally, but never very much. Irt’s not surprising at all that two channels showing different programs will have overlapping commercial periods.

Two words: Tivo

That’s two words?

Funny, I wouldn’t have been inclined to credit it with beig one.

OK then, two more words: tooka tooka.