Are UK MPs getting paid in the lection runup?

If the UK parliament is currently dissolved due to the forthcoming election, are all the Members of Parliament getting paid their salary?

Yes, as when Parliament is in regular recess, they have their extra Parliamentary duties – constituency business and so on.

I thought that once parliament was dissolved (i.e. soon after the PM’s visit to Ms Windsor), they ceased to be MPs? (You can’t be a member of a non-existent parliament.) They clear out their offices etc. before this date.

The UK Parliament site says at the moment that:

The Prime Minister has announced the date for the general election as Thursday 5 May 2005. Parliament will be dissolved on Monday 11 April and will reassemble on Wednesday 11 May. At 5pm on the day of dissolution all those who are MPs will cease to be MPs. The State Opening of Parliament will be on Tuesday 17 May.

Ever posted something and then wondered if it made sense? Yeah, I was talking crap.

they’re not getting paid - but their staff are and they are still receiving their office allowances. In cases of “hardship” (not really likely for an MP) then their party or constituency association will help out.

A friend of mine is an MPs researcher - and the seat is a marginal one. If her boss loses she is instantly out of a job - there are no redundancy provisions, MPs staff are one of the very few groups completly unprotected from instant job loss (the MPs themselves get a payout depending on how long they’ve been MPs).