Are Used Tires Safe?

I hope this doesn’t spark too much debate or IMHO’s, but I have to buy my first set of tires. I’ve done some comparison shopping and found new tires to be waaaaay over my budget. So I’ve thought about buying a set of used tires.

Are they safe? And are they worth it?

I have, ah, used used tires on plenty of occasions and have never had a problem.

Depends of who you buy them from. If the tires are stored outside in the mud, keep on moving.

Check the tires out thoroughly, especially the sidewalls.

I had nothing but used tires on my first car for years (OK, well almost 2. Then I got a nicer car)! But I had no problems. As long as they are not dryrotted and there is some tread left, they should be fine. My tires hardly even matched.