Are We an Occupied Country?

A few weeks ago a friend of mine said that he now considered America to be an occupied country, referring to all the various Trump administration ties to Russia combined with all the lies made to cover them up. At the time I dismissed what he said and it kind of pissed me off. I am not a fan of political hyperbole. I find statements like that reminiscent of the continuing meme about Obama being a secret Muslim, and I would prefer to see opposition to Trump adopt a higher ground.

However …

Today I find pictures of Russians celebrating at the White House at a meeting where the American press was barred a day after Trump fired the man tasked with investigating the administration’s ties to the Russians (and who had just asked for more funds to do just that).

I am mildly nauseous.

Tell your friend that drugs are bad.


No we are not an occupied country. There are no Russian Troops in the country making sure that we don’t step out of line. At most we are a Russian Puppet, but even that is a bit of a stretch. Most likely we are just a garden variety Democratic Republic that like many other such countries have elected a leader mired in corruption who is in a quid pro quo relationship with a foreign government.


In Soviet America, Russians occupy YOU!

A bit of a stretch?

We have always been friends with Eurasia.

I thought we had always been friends with Uranus.

Let’s not drag Hillary into this.


With my WHAT?

Certainly. The Russian Federation with its massive military budget and war machine is able to occupy the US so pervasively that we don’t even know they are here!!! :eek: It’s and unrivaled display of military and political power unmatched in the modern era. I was looking out my office window earlier and…I saw NOTHING! However, if you look using the side of your eye (sort of like Bill Murry telling the Groundhog how to drive that truck), you can almost see the Russian occupations.

I don’t even think Trump is an American…I think he’s a Russian plant (probably an arctic willow or maybe some bearberry).

Your friend is an idiot.

I rather think not, but just in case we are, you may want to commit this phrase to memory:

Я, например, приветствую наши российские повелитель.

OP, you should pay attention to Clothahump when he says this.

His experience on the matter of idiocy is unrivaled.

You only say that because Putin looks so cute topless riding his horse. :stuck_out_tongue:

As we speak, the Talking Yam is negotiating for the North American distribution rights for Lada automobiles. That’s why the Russian ties, they are helping the him learn the language, secretly, at the White house.

Please fondle my buttocks.


Heh! I guessed what that would be without even using Google Translate! One semester of college Russian at least let me recognize the first word.

Charlie? Is this YOUR war (of Russian occupation)???

You’re a PRE-occupied country, deeply invested in stupid stuff.

“Fuck you, Monsieur Putin, and the pig you rode in on.”