Are we developing the wrong new weapons?

Seems like all the development is for long range warfare. Missiles, drones, bunker-buster bombs, stealth planes.
All great against other armies using the same things.

While they’re making a remote control drone, they could build remote controlled supply trucks. Avoid casualities from snipers and roadside bombs.

While they perfect missles that can see and seek out other missles, they should be working on return-fire robots that will instantly spot the flash and return sniper fire.

Snipers have been a key element since forever. I recall that US history used to brag that revolutionaries would pick off the Redcoats moving in stiff formation.

Seems the high tech development is all for the shock and awe phase only.

Who says they aren’t?

They’re working on the truck, too. Flying is just easier than driving.

Yeah, there are god-knows-how-many smaller projects doing things you describe, but frankly, all the media attention is focused on the hundred-billion dollar jet planes and two billion dollar submarines because they’re big and expensive. If you want to develop those kinds of things it necessitates huge investment; but you don’t need to spend a billion dollars to develop a robot controlled truck.

Speaking of robot controlled trucks…

More specifically, there’s a device using an array of microphones that can determine about what direction a rifle shot comes from. It was featured on a Discovery Channel or TLC show (Future Weapons I think) and I think it’s actually in service, attached to Humvees. You wouldn’t want a system that simply detects gunfire and automatically shoots back, because that would kill your own troops as well.

I don’t know about remote-controlled supply trucks. I imagine if they can do a plane they should be able to do a truck, although there might be issues with radio and line-of sight in urban areas. There could be problems, though; what happens when it breaks down or gets a flat tire? Also an unmanned, unarmed truck convoy would be subject to roadblocks or obstacles, and peope could even jump on top. Otherwise you would have to add remote-controlled weapons, and that’s another layer of complexity, something they’re just starting to do I believe with really small robots.

Not to mention, of course, the fact that trucks have to deal with street lights and people on the ground and odd terrain. Airplanes don’t have to deal with that.

What’s really needed is something that detects mortar firings, identifies the area they were fired from, and then can examine the area for at least half an hour previous, and can track the people who were there at that point.

What is really needed is a 1920s Style Death Ray…2007s style

You mean this?

Yeah that’s the bugger.

But we really need hand-held ones…true 1920s style

Point in fact, a few months ago there was an article about South Korea deploying automated camera towers that had the option to mount and fire guns. So it’s not just in research; it’s actually out there.

You mean… like this?