Are we on the brink of WW3?

Russia and Iran are not happy with Trump’s decision to launch a missile attack against the Syrian airfield. Russian PM Medvedev came out saying we came very close to a Russia-US war. We are now fighting against multiple sides of the Syrian Civil War. It has the potential to get very messy.
Is this going to escalate?
North Korea has also been conducting a lot more missile tests recently. If they hit SK or Japan, things will get very bloody very fast.

Its not like it did much good.

**Are we on the brink of WW3? **

Just the normal noises on planet Earth, Friday afternoon. It will be a calm weekend with few new developments. Because few people are watching on the weekend.

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If Russia invades Estonia, yes.

Missile strikes in Syria aren’t worth a tenth of a second on the doomsday clock.

I don’t think Russia will go to war over Syria, so no. I do think they would go to war over the Ukraine or Belarus, and of course over any threat to the Russian state itself, but Syria is a second tier “national interest”.

Not really a big surprise.

Russia also says that the gas attack in Syria was from terrorists either setting up Assad et al or storing the gas shells in a warehouse that the Syrians accidentally hit while valiantly fighting off the evil. IOW, Russia SAYS a lot of stuff that’s horseshit. And this is another example. No way is Russia going to go to war with the US over Syria.

Not really. We aren’t really fighting the Syrians, and I doubt we will unless they are stupid enough to try and use gas again against their own population. I’m guessing they will go back to killing their population the old fashioned way with guns and barrel bombs and air strikes against hospitals and the like. We will go back to bombing ISIS and the world will move on.

I give this a sphincter factor of, oh, maybe 2. So, no…I don’t expect it will.

So, you’ve moved on from Russia to projected WWIII involving China now? I give the NK situation a sphincter factor of maybe 4-6, so a lot higher. In fact, if they detonate another nuke then I’ll personally be freaking out thinking of what Prez. Carrot Top will do next. You also have the South China Sea and a China with a stick up it’s ass and trying to show how much face it has to it’s people while it’s economy stagnates and they have an environmental disaster going on. Maybe I’ll revise this to a sphincter factor of 8, on second thought.

Yeah, that would definitely be war if NK hit either SK or Japan. No doubt about it. How will China jump? No idea. How about Carrot Top? No FUCKING idea. It would be bloody very fast.

How realistic is this? Not very, though this is more plausible than Russia going to war with the US over Syria.

Think of it as full employment and a boost to certain economic sectors. Conservation will experience more adherence, stretching resources will be the everyday thing! Patriotism will swell and it could bring America to unite and heal its divisions over a common enemy.

The military industrial complex loves a little war mongering after all!

If I had a dollar for every time we were on the brink of WW3…

As a history buff, I think we are more likely getting into Cold War II.

Frankly, I was more concerned (and even then, not that much) when Turkey shot down a Russian fighter in 2015. I could see that escalating quickly, but it’s unclear that anyone considers Syria important enough to take that kind of chance.

I think it’s more like the eve of destruction.

I don’t think so. We might be on the brink of another Vietnam or Iraq but I don’t see the prospect of another world war.

Yes, in terms of things that could get out of hand, that was probably the top one of the last few years. India and Pakistan, which is pretty much totally out of the control of the great powers, is always a problem, as is North Korea.

The thing about airpower now though is that we’re in a place where using it to bomb the shit out of people(or conduct overflights) isn’t even really considered war anymore, just more assertive diplomacy. And mere insults haven’t led to war since the middle ages.

Yes. But then we have been “on the brink” since about whenever ICBM’s were invented and deployed.

No. After Vietnam there was a strong feeling in this country: “No More Vietnams”. This gradually faded away and Bush invaded Iraq. And after Iraq there was a strong feeling in this country: “No More Iraqs”. There has not yet been time for this feeling to gradually fade away (like Vietnam it takes a generation or so).

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I’m not saying there would be overwhelming popular support for another war. But we could end up edging into another regional war; it’s not like there’s a firm hand on the rudder. There’s always a temptation on presidents to use a little bit of military intervention to solve some international crisis. But often as not, the intervention just makes the crisis bigger and you end up needed to intervene more. Or admit you made a mistake and withdraw. I don’t see Trump as the kind of President who will resist temptations or admit to mistakes.

Afghanistan wants a word with you.

No. The main thing Russia cares about in Syria is their naval base. As long as the US doesn’t threaten that they’ll make noises of protest but it won’t come to anything.

Well, you tell me over and over again, my friend, but I don’t believe it.