Are we (Sdmb) becoming more relevant ? Or less?

As a boomer, I’,m fascinated with the trends involving social media.

Where should I place my current attention ?

Is the SDMB now obsolete ?

Where is everyone hanging out ?

The SDMB isn’t in any way relevant outside of its user base. No trends or catchphrases have caught on from here. There was a chance for us to have become a very relevant place several years ago but that ship has sailed.

This shouldn’t be taken as a slam on the Dope. I have been posting and reading here for nearly ten years so there is obviously something in it for me. For the outside world, we’ve been nothing more than the very occasional blip.

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I don’t think that is strictly true. Since the SDMB has been indexed by Google, I have been contacted by people out of the blue asking me about things I wrote years before. I have also done, many, many Google searches where a SDMB thread is a top result if not the top one. There are a bunch of people that around the world that see read this stuff. Some of us who have been around for a long time have probably had our posts read by hundreds of thousands if not millions of people worldwide.

The quality of the writing here really is higher than on most message boards. One look at a true mass appeal site like Facebook or Twitter should make that perfectly clear to anyone. The SDMB still has a place and lots of people other than the members see what we write.

If you just want to hang out, go to a bar or post every thought that passes through your cranium on Twitter or Facebook. If you want to get a good middle ground between social commentary and academic interest, ask a good question in the General Questions forum. If you want to get an escort for the night, go to Craigs List. They all have their place and they aren’t the same.

It would be nice if this was recognised as a repository of factual information and informed opinion. It’s not, and probably for good reason, but we could’ve been a great alternative to YahooAnswers if they’d thought to try that direction.

Nice place to hang out, though. People here laugh at my jokes, at least.

Hahahaha, funny one! Oh wait, was that a joke? That wasn’t a joke, was it? I’m so embarrassed, now.

Less and less all the time.

More and more, since being indexed by Google. At least for me.

I too have been contacted by a wide variety of folks around the world, based on my thread comments. I’ve been offered (and taken) some consulting work, given my perspective on prisons, modern medicine, addiction and the law, Tolkien, and surviving airplane crashes! Other stuff has appeared in my mailbox too, virtually all positive or neutral, that I would not have gotten had I not posted at SDMB.

That’s just this Mercotan’s experience, for what it’s worth.

The SDMB is still relevant to me, in that I like it here and keep posting. I haven’t had a bunch of e-mails come at me since we became searchable, but that’s likely because I’m far less fascinating than our dear Qadgop!

I think we’re still a great spot for interesting discussions, and there are some questions that are better answered here than anywhere else.

No, dude. They’re laughing at you.

Aw, don’t give him any shit. He’s got more than enough of his own to deal with.


As I mentioned recently, there seem to be more and more zombie threads opening since this board has become Google search fodder. That alone seems to indicate that in some small way, the SDMB has become a resource.
I would imagine a stranger to this board, coming across a thread relevant to their search, might appreciate the fact that they can see what others have said and even revive the thread for further comment. Sort of like joining in a party conversation late.

YahooAnswers is practically useless compared to the SD. And I found this site as a reference to a wikipedia article (can’t remember which article though). So, I think the SD is very relevant +1.

When did that happen? I’ve noticed a couple of my very old threads bumped lately. I wonder if that’s why.

I first noticed it when I created a thread about King Kong and Thanksgiving and after did a Google search on same and the thread I had just created showed up near the top of the search.

The tips for how to search the forum using Google were posted back in May '09, so sometime before that I’d imagine.

I think the Google hits are bringing a lot of new people here.

No, that’s real life. Here, everybody likes me.

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Reddit seems like the place to be. I’m a fan of their voting system for posts though they tend to favor the earliest and root posts.