Are Women Envious of Men Being Able to Pee Standing Up?

My girlfriend was appalled when I told her that at Dodger Stadium (and other older sporting venues) that not only do men pee standing up, but we all stand next to each other and pee into one giant trough of urine.

I never really wanted to stand up to pee. I’m envious, though, that men have a built in aiming device. On quite a few occasions, my doctor has wanted a urine sample, and I have trouble holding the little cup in JUST the right place to collect the fluid. It’s even worse when the doc wants a 24 hour collection…she wants every drop of urine that I emit in a day.

Another “only when camping.” As I’m not wearing a skirt, it’s an inconvenient position to hold, especially with weak quads.

[John Denver]

Daddy taught me young how to hunt and how to whittle,
How to draw pictures in the snow when I piddle.


I remember the first time I took the Rykid into the bushes so he could pee. He thought that was so cool!

And, he’s right. It is.

The Straight Dope.

Um, yeah.
But girls can do it you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t envy the standing up thing at all, because I like sitting down and being able to take care of both #1 and #2 at the same time and place, especially when #2 might come as a bit of a surprise. But I do envy the ability to pee without getting practically undressed when out in the wild, and to be able to direct the flow away from your body and your clothing.

Allow me a pathetic “me, too” here. Of all the things to envy, urination methods isn’t even on the radar for me.

I’m envious (maybe just irritated) that in engineering, men seem to be taken more seriously than women right off the bat. I’ve been forced over and over to prove myself, while my be-penised coworkers have instant credibility, regardless of their ability.

But peeing standing up? :rolleyes:

On the contrary. I spent a year as a hotel maid years ago and have personally lived with over a dozen assorted men in my life (father, siblings, room mates, lovers, spouses and children). In no case did any of those men ever clean a bathroom. So, not only have I been in “men’s” bathrooms, I’ve cleaned them a couple of thousand times. I know exactly what you guys do and where you spray it.

Therefore, I would like to submit a request that the bailiff whack all your pee-pees.

With great prejudice.

Oh gosh, I’ve always wondered about this too! How do men know, I mean KNOW, that they’re not going to poop? I’d say probably a good third of the time when I move my bowels, it’s unexpected, and ends up just sort of starting when I’m sittin’ there. Are the sensations or muscle groups more differentiated in men?

There are women who can pee, and aim, standing up.

The anus is pretty well shut tight in the standing position.

I have never once envied men for being able to pee while standing up.

Count me in as another “only when camping” kinda gal.

At times, I have envied not having a discreet urine dispenser. A few years back we were driving the road past Hana in Maui, which takes HOURS, and I had to pee. For the uninitiated, the road past Hana is like driving on the moon, it’s nothing but rock. There are no trees or bushes around so that a lady can do her business in relative privacy should another vehicle come around the bend. Finally I just squatted in the shadows and hoped for the best. And then I ended up dribbling all over my shoes.

I never gave it that much thought. Pooping was always something I had to sit down and make a conscious effort to let happen, or perhaps even make happen.

Lots of guys fart easily enough while they’re peeing though so it’s not like the anus is locked completely tight.

The knights of yore weren’t total bastards y’know. :smiley:

The chastity belts had a tiny hole thru which her ladyship could pee, I guess hole size depended on -erm- hole size :eek:

Of course the knights best friend allus had a key just in case Sir Gumsmack-Fortescue-Cholmondeley-Smythe, bit the dust in some foreign field.

and there were blacksmiths

I will totally admit to being often jealous of the peeing while vertical thing. I’m an electrician in an auto factory and often wear multi-pocketed coveralls at work. I need all those pockets for the various tools and meters and bits and bobs I carry around with me, making the coveralls the only good uniform option.

Until I have to pee, that is. A five minute project of pocket-emptying, shimmy-twisting out of the coveralls, then attacking my regular button and zipper all while the bladder pressure gets unbearably worse since the bladder scents out the toilet and is perplexed by the delay…yeah, totally wish I could deal with 3 snaps and a zipper and an Ahhhhh instead.

Once in a while when I go to pee, in the middle of it I realize I need to take care of #2 as well. Its a bit of a hassel cause I have to finish the pee, then sit down and continue my business. I’ve considered trying to manouver into the sitting position from a standing one while peeing but… I think I would just spray urine all over the bathroom and that would be even more inconvienent

So very sad, but oh so damnably true.