Are Women Envious of Men Being Able to Pee Standing Up?

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Anywho, for what seems like the umpteenth time, I caught a throwaway line in a sitcom, King of Queens I think, when during a row between hubby and wife hubby claimed wife was really just mad at him because she couldn’t pee standing up, or something along those lines. And I’ve heard something similar from time to time from galpals, etc.

So, do any of you ladies ever ruminate on this, moreover do any of you resent (amicably or otherwise) our prowess? :wink: I’m familiar with the “hover” method some (most?) women employ in public lavatories, perhaps this resentment if it exists is a logical outgrowth of having to perform this difficult maneuver? Do any of you ever even attempt to relieve yourselves thusly? In the shower, etc.? Saw some French flick a while ago with a woman actually using a urinal, so apparently it is possible, but just too chancy? Just wondering.

Only when camping. Mosquito bites, nettles stings, poison ivy and ticks on the labia and ass are not fun.

The rest of the time, the convenience of standing to pee is far outweighed by the inconvenience of spontaneous erections, IMHO.

My response is always “yeah, it would be nice – but multiple orgasms are much nicer.”

Well I am not one of the most “delicate” women around, and I gasp actually sit right down at public restrooms. There has not been a single moment when I envied men for the ability to stand while peeing.

:eek: What? Spontaneous erections are now considered inconvenient? When did this start? Why wasn’t I kept abreast of the situation? :confused: Jeez, hang on, lemme get a pen, I gotta write all this down… :frowning: Crap, I usta consider them an opportunity :smiley:

I have known many females including my wife that express displeasure with their setup when we are stuck in the woods or anywhere else that is open and there are no real restrooms available. I think the worst is when the whole car has to pee, you stop beside the interstate, and only the males feel comfortable peeing right beside the road. I even learned to walk and pee at the same time when it is necessary for camouflage.

Once a fella gets to a certain age, though, these unfortunately are no longer troublesome but fond memories. :frowning: Nonetheless, I can still create a transcendent arc of golden sunshine, anywhere anytime.

Ah, but can you chew gum at the same time?
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If a girl really wants to pee standing up, she can learn how.

Maybe not without a little manual assistance, but most boys don’t let go with it swinging in the wind, either.

I’m thinking of the mortifying boner in algebra class when the teacher calls you up to write on the board variety. :eek:

Hell, as a chick, I used to kill a kitten in choir practice and no one was the wiser. Loved those baritones. :smiley:

Back to the OP, there actually are half a dozen devices, basically funnels with spouts, that will let women urinate standing up. You can get them at camping supply stores and truck stops. There are even some women who claim to be able to aim without them. But most of us would end up with wet pants.

I could not agree more. Only out in the open wild am I ever so reluctant to expose me fluffy white bum. Add to that the trepidation felt when I know I’ll actually have to squat out there somewhere and expose myself even further to the critters and weather that dominate the environment. The final humiliations of the wayward splash and having to carry my own used…paper or wipe away with me and you have a few very penis envying moments there.

In a more civilized environment, though, I’d much prefer to just sit and do my business than to attempt to aim anything. Even in the dark, I always know I’m aimed properly. :wink:

Didn’t women’s restrooms used to have some kind of female urinial? I think there a thread was about it

In the woods or possibly an outhouse (I’m not a hover girl but those things are kinda squicky) it would be nice. However, I tend to stick closer to civilisation. So no, I’ve never been jealous of a man being able to pee while standing up.

I’m not particularly envious, no. As is, women can learn to pee standing up (without any added devices) but it takes a lot of practice. Fortunately, I’m not that bothered by it, unless I’m on a road trip and need to pee suddenly with my only option being the roadside.

I’ve never seen a female urinal, but I’m only 28, maybe there were some in existence before my time, or in another place?

Either way, count me as: not envious. It’s just never been much of a problem. I have no yen to pee in the woods or write my name in the snow. I do have a talented female friend who did manage to write her name in the snow - and Og help me, she dotted the “i”, too. While an interesting (if a little vulgar) party trick, it’s not one I am interested in learning.

But that is half the fun, point and shoot! Score! Destroy the deoderizer, or whatever. Or not, etc. Who cares if you actually hit your target, hehe. Apparently you have never been in a men’s bathroom, accuracy isn’t high on our list, rather expeditiousness is. :cool:

I don’t think the standing up part is the key, it’s more the high maintenance of the OTHER parts of Woman. Leaving out the obvious monthly visitor, there’s menopause, pregnancy, urinary infections, the limitations of having a pair of counterweights that guys can’t seem to stop talkin’ to…and the obvious monthly visitor.

Guys don’t really get any of that. and get to stand up.

As a guy who has served in the Army with lots of women as well as having lots of women friends over the years it isn’t that men pee standing up. It’s that the whole world is a man’s urinal whereas women are persecuted by the need to find a secluded spot that preferably has toilet paper.

Actually I’ve always suspected the source of this animus is that guys can write their name in the snow.

slightly off topic, but am reminded of chastity belts. You know those metal pantie things that menfolk would lock their women in, in days of yore. How on earth did they manage with various bodily functions in one of those? And you can forget the romantic movie scene ‘our hero finds the key at last and they fall into bed’ i think a good bath would be higher up the agender.

It’s not so much the standing up part that I’m envious of. It’s that convenient hose.

Ever try one? I have. Not good. Not good at all.