Are women more credulous than men?

Are women more credulous than men? Are they more likely to believe in astrology, ghosts, homeopathy, etc.? Are they more likely to be religious? If so, why?

While I know plenty of men who believe in silly stuff (and to be fair, the ones I hear talking about conspiracy theories are mostly men), it seems that the women that I know are more likely to believe in the sorts of things I roll my eyes at. Am I off base here?


I went to a local show for various alternative health treatments. About 95% of the people there were women which I did not expect. (I am a guy) Based on that I would say women are more open to non-standard stuff.

I started this exact same thread a few years ago. The general concensus was that men are every bit as credulous but on different topics.

Ha ha. Yes, totally; women will believe anything!

Without degenerating into some unfunny observational comedy-level junk there’s a good essay from a female skeptic on the lack of women skeptics here.

Do you have a link?


I, for one, believe him without a link.

Who buys cheapo speakers when told that they’re fancy speakers that fell off the back of a truck?

I’d agree that men are equally credulous, though probably about different things.

Amazingly, yes. I was very doubtful that I’d be able to find it.

Here’s another one–IME 9/11 Truthers are largely male.

Thanks. That was what I was looking for.


While I’ve got to agree with those who remarked that men and women tend to be equally gullible and superstitious about different things (e.g. horoscopes and ‘lucky’ clothing items), the women I’ve observed looking to alternative medicine tend to be those who have been failed by the mainstream medical world (not that that’s any excuse for supporting the snake oil industry).

Here’s an interesting article, Women’s health and clinical trials, that offers a clear, fascinating look at medical trials and how they have been affected by both female doctors and female subjects (who are often excluded completely), as well as patients of different ethnic backgrounds.

An excerpt

Certainly there’s more to it, but it’s worth considering.

I believe many men would have an easy time believing the hypothesis put forth in the OP.

Anything you say, baby.

Depending upon what the non-standard stuff is, that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Alternative medicine in itself isn’t a bad thing. But some ideas that have been introduced have been labelled quackery by some practitioners of Western medicine.



Maybe women are more open-minded in their skepticism. (Which doesn’t necessarily disagree with what Bijou says.)

If I could just remember the names of those four guys from England who got me interested in meditation about forty years ago…

Did you know that Gullible is the only standard English word never to be found in any dictionary?

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