Are you a lawyer?

Inspired by this comment from another thread.

Lets see if we can get a count of how many lawyers are on the SDMB.


(Yes, I already posted this joke, but in the wrong thread, damnit. So here it is again.)


(I just wanted to try that out for once.) And who are you calling foreign? On the internet is there such a thing as foreign?

I wasn’t sure what to put. I have an law degree but I never practised. I put “foreign law student”.

Yes, there needs to be an option for “have a law degree but not admitted as a lawyer”.

Link doesn’t work for me.

There should be an option for “No, but I pretend to be on the internet”

I put “foreign lawyer in training (law school)”, but that’s not strictly correct. I’m not in law school yet. But in the Irish system, you have to pass a number of bar-like examinations just to get into law school, and I’ve taken them already (and passed some, waiting on results for others). I think that meets the spirit of your question anyway.

You forgot “US lawyer and foreign lawyer in training”. Boo :stuck_out_tongue: I voted for US lawyer.

I have a law degree and passed the Bar for my state. However, I am still awaiting admission to the Bar, which takes several months in my state. Since I anticipate admission, I chose “Yes I am a US lawyer.” Technically, though, it isn’t true.

If all goes as planned, I’ll need to change my vote from “no – law school” to “yes – US lawyer” in about 10 months.

Not a lawyer. Married to one, the child of two, sibling of two, in-law of one, cousin of more than I can remember at the moment.

It’s amazing that I’m not a lawyer. Looks like I really dodge the bullet there.

I noticed that there’s no option in the poll to vote for U.S. *and *foreign lawyer. I would be surprised if there aren’t one or two lawyers here who are qualified to practice law in more than one country (like my wife).

I enjoy the rattly sound my soul makes inside me. I would miss that if I went to law school.

You may have grounds for a civil suit. Then again, IANAL.

I’m a lawyer, licensed to practice in California, not Federal, though. I’m too cheap to pay for that admission. :smiley:

I voted “Yes, foreign lawyer.” It’s nice to finally be able to say that.


I wouldn’t have guessed that 35% of the SDMB is lawyers. :wink:

Yes, U.S. licensed. And come January, I will be licensed in Ontario also–yay, me!