Are you a racist? Warning signs.

Are you a racist? As many posts in this board have shown, some people are racists without knowing it. So here’s a handy list of warning signs.

Do other people accuse you of being a racist?

Do you start statements with the words “I’m not a racist but…”?

Are there things you say about other races that you wouldn’t say in front of somebody belonging to that race?

Do you check to see if anybody of another race is in earshot before saying things about that race?

When you make comments or tell jokes about other races, do the people around you look at you strangely and leave the area?

Do you find yourself defending other people who have been accused of racism?

Do you base these arguments on unusual definitions of terms like race, racism, racist, or other words?

When you hear that somebody has been accused of racism, do you instinctively take the side of the accused over the accuser?

When you hear people calling somebody else racist, do you find yourself thinking that you’ve said or done the same thing that other person did?

Do you think that other people agree with your views on race but are afraid to say so?

Do you think there’s a double standard on race?

Do you ever ask how far anti-racism is going to go?

Do you have views on subjects that aren’t racial - freedom of speech, freedom of association, property rights, states rights, heritage - that you only care about in racial terms?

Another one:

When you read an article like this, is it your first instinct to blame black people’s penchant for wearing baggy jeans and gold teeth?

Is this a poll, or did somebody here piss you off and you forgot to link to the thread?

Look, I don’t know what the big deal is, I just think Hitler could totally beat Lincoln in a pie throwing context!

I’m not the OP but the list did remind me of this thread about Anthony Cumia, formerly of Opie and Anthony.

Well done Little Nemo. (Shoulda linked the thread though.)

How about: Have you ever complained the black people can use the word “Nigga” with impunity while you can’t?"

That’s not being racist. That’s just called being white.

“Black people…” :looks around: “…are wonderful singers.”

That’s the one I came to add, yeah.


Jesus. The OP in that thread is nearly as dumb as Cumia. I wonder if he also believes Vladimir Putin when he says Russian troops are occupying Crimea to maintain order.

Say what you want but jewish people really are very good with money.

I’m a vegetarian, but I’ll take your word for it.

So you’re saying you don’t like racism? On this board? That’s really taking a brave stand on the controversial issues, Mr Self-Righteous.

I’ll have you know that some of my best friends are black.


“But I dated a black guy once!”

Are Shodan, Chief Pedant and Chen019 still posters in good standing here? Then there’s nothing particularly anti-racist about this place.

Someone makes a pretty blatant racist remark, which I turn it on its ear, and I get a Hiss from you?

Did I offend the Flesh Eating Zombie Association?

We may not like racists. But we HATE bad puns.