Are you a synesthete? My friend wants to talk to you!

If you’re been reading the D2 thread in Cafe Society (and, judging by the views, you probably haven’t;)), you know that I was made an administrator over at The Dark Library. The other admin there is a woman who, in addition to her involvement in fanfic, is also doing research on synesthesia (specifically color-graphemic, but all synesthesia). Google it and you find this as first page:

That’s her (well, no picture, but you get the idea). She says she’d muchly like (roughly paraphrased from “me: how much do you want more synesthetes [with whom to conduct research]? her: much”) to ask you questions and such. I obviously have no idea what sort of things she’d be asking because I am not familiar with the research, but I’m going to guess it won’t be strenuous. Any road, you can contact her here, and if you do elect to do so, please feel free to post here so this thread doesn’t die prematurely:)

Her email addy is vgross at BU dot EDU.

There are a bunch of synesthetes who posted in this thread. You might want to email them and ask if they are interested.

I’ll email her, as I believe I may have a form of it: I see people in relation to colors.

I posted to the thread Demo linked to, about keys in music having colors.

As a composer, I often decide in which key I’m going to write a certain song ahead of time in order to achieve not only the right mood and atmosphere, but “color” as well.

Anyway, that thread went in a different direction, but I thought I’d re-throw my two cents in.