Are you a Tolkien person or a Lewis person?

This poll could well mark a watershed in SDMB history. Forget “boxers or briefs?”, “Connery or Moore?”, “Keats or Shelley?”, “Burma or Myanmar?”, “black or African American?”, “Ed or Cecil?”, or “tomndebb or dexter?”

This poll will act as the ultimate shibboleth to distinguish the two basic types of doper. So, vote away. For Jack or for John? For Staples or for Ruell? For Narnia or for Middle Earth?

In order to maintain my customary objectivity and so as not to influence the easily-led, I will only vote in the unlikely case that a casting vote is needed.

Let the fun and games begin!

Eh, I think you’re expecting too much.

I’d wager 90% of Dopers would say “both” or “neither”.

You write like Tollers. I’ll put you down under JRR.

I always liked Tolkien better.

Tolkien. Lewis was way too pushy with his christian allegory. I think Tolkien was more sophisticated in his story telling and writing as well.

Tolkien. I shall fight any Lewis-person to the death.

Lewis. Tolkien was too snobby – remember, Lewis didn’t intend to write a Christian allegory, he wanted the Narnia books to be taken as fantasy/fairy tales.

There are things that bother me about both of them, but Lewis seemed more relaxed and more tuned into the joyous side of Christianity, which I think is a hugely important part of the religion. Tolkien’s “no decent literature after 1100 AD!” stance is a big turnoff, too.

I thought Lewis’s first name was Clive. Anyway, I’m voting for Tolkien.

I find greater sophistication in Lewis’s space trilogy than in the Chronicles of Narnia, but the latter was admittedly written as a fantasy for children. Still, Tolkien’s writing gets my vote.

Tolkien, I was disappointed when I finally read Lewis.



Lewis is okay, but I love and am impressed by the depth and complexity of the history, geography, languages, etc. in Middle-Earth.

Lewis. His books, at least, I actually was able to read without drowning in the prose and giving up in disgust more than once.

Gee, I wonder what **Malacandra ** will say?

I love Lewis, but I’ll have to vote Tolkien. Lewis never moved me like Tolkien did.

Lewis. I HATE Tolkien’s prose and pacing, although I admire his world-building and plot.

I also enjoy Lewis’ non-fiction (and his non-Narnia fiction, like The Great Divorce and the Screwtape Letters), so he gets extra points for that.

Neither was very interesting. I’ve read them, but I won’t bother reading them again.

Tolkien, have not read Narnia yet so that might have affected my opinion.

I also loved Lewis’ space trilogy.

Lewis, if only for his imaginative wit and sharp satire in The Screwtape Letters.

I give Lewis and edge for “Out of the Silent Planet.” Other than that, they’re pretty even.

Eh, neither. Lewis’ prose is better, in that it’s actually readable, but I’ve never been able to finish a book by either one of them.