Are you addicted to sex?

According to the Singapore government, women displaying just three of behaviours such as:

  • buying “romance novels”
  • having “romantic daydreams”
  • having “multiple romantic relationships”

have got something to worry about.

And men! Do you:

  • regularly rent “explicit videos”
  • find yourself “preoccupied with sexual thoughts”
  • have sex because you were aroused and “later regret it”
  • have parents with “troubled romantic behaviour”

just three of the above - and you’re almost certainly some sort of deviant!!

As a guy, let me answer in order:


and DUH.

I’m perfectly willing to be addicted to sex, and I’ll even form a support group for my fellow addictees–keep us all in practice and all.

Thing is, I sound more like a guy in this respect, because I can respond to all four of those with a resounding
Hell Yeah.
Yet, I believe that Harlequin novels really only exist as birdcage liners.

Having met a fair number of Singaporean ladies, I can confirm that some of them do have, er… very healthy sexual appetites to the extent that you need to plead for a rest. And we all know what a bunch of spoilsports the Singaporean government is.

Rubes start flipping through travel brouchures…

Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love…

Seems to me like the bolded behaviors are more of an addiction to the idea of sex rather than an addiction to any actual sex they’re getting!

At any rate, this is obviously very regional.

Me like making sex

Is this the creationism vs. evolution thread?

My vision’s been getting blurry…mebbe I need glasses.

I’d like to give it a try :wink:

male checking in:

  1. no, my porn library is sufficient
  2. competing with my fears of inadequacy, yes
  3. Do you mean with someone else?:stuck_out_tongue: …doesn’t matter, yes, but not often enough.
  4. yes

uhhh… :eek: I’m a PRE-vert! :smiley:


[sub]Temptation takes many forms. And I can’t resist any of them[/sub]

Only with myself. As I’ve said before, I’m better than anyone I’ve ever had. And… I’m still waiting for those sexy lady dopers to end this horrible run of mine <HINT, HINT>. :wink:

Me like when Og talk dirty.

Are blurry vision and the daily shaving of palms a sign of anything?!