Are you an angry voter?

I found the facts in this Chicago Tribune article interesting.

So, are you an angry voter? And how does that anger or lack of it impact how you are going to vote?

Poll to follow.

Lately I have been. I wasn’t that angry in 2008 because it was somewhat heartening how everyone in the nation was angry at Bush. But ever since, my patience has been exhausted with the literal craziness of the GOP.

I’ve been angry with policy in general, as well. When gay marriage was passed, I was not happy, but instead thought IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.

I think I will still be angry after this election unless the Democratic Party retains the White House, retakes the Senate, AND makes gains in the House. I am tired of waiting for demographic change to bring us back to sanity. Although there have been social changes that have bled through, like a good number of New York Republicans passing same sex marriage a few years ago, which would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. I would have included the Republican governor of South Dakota vetoing an anti-trans bill a couple days ago, but that wasn’t even an issue a few years ago so I am not sure if we are slipping back or going forward on that.

No love for the pissed or pleased Independents, I see.

I’m always happy during the physical act of voting. One of the only places I go where I’m the youngest person in the building.

There are more independents than either Democrats or Republicans. This thread just made all of us very angry.

Yeah my bad. Had to finish up quickly.

My apologies.

Please answer according to your usual lean, very few do not have one, and further add comments in thread.

Needed more options. I answered “not mad”, but I’m getting there quickly. I suppose an ideal poll would also include mad at… Current leaders, the candidates, the other party. All in all, a messy, long poll if we dissect it enough.

Democrat angry. It seems like everything that has been done by politicians lately has negative impacts on me, even if they have a positive effect on people as a whole.

The OP has requested this be closed so he can make a better poll.