Are You An Atheist or Do You Just Hate Christians?

Love the religious
Hate the religion

I don’t hate Christians. I hate fundamentalists. That goes for all religions, as well as paganism, atheism, what have you.

What is a fundamentalist? A fundamentalist is someone whose beliefs about religion take top priority in their life, someone who vociferously and obnoxiously airs their views at any opportunity and in any company. A fundamentalist believes you are wrong if you don’t agree. A fundamentalist is a crude, unthinking jerk who can’t see the other side of the coin. A fundamentalist is not my friend.

If it makes a difference, I hate everybody, regardless of religion or lack thereof.

A weird sort of faith it would be indeed if it did not take top priority in your life.

I don’t think a faith would be weird at all if it allowed children, family, or personal happiness to come first. “Top priority” may not be the most descriptive notation, but by it I meant a total inability to compartmentalize or rationalize, in other words, inflexibility.

Ah. A humanist.

I hate any jerk that believes that it is their business to come and preach their “word” to me.

Would people enjoy it if I decided (through spurious readings of my 3 times translated physics lectures from Feynman(?)) that the God of Quantum Physics desires for me to spread the word that the universe is actually deterministic and there is no such thing as free will? And that if you didn’t believe me (Him, really) you’d be punished for all eternity? And that only by spreading His word can you avoid this awful fate?

Make any less sense than Witnesses or some born-again types?

Keep your god out of my face unless I ask you about it. Then I might like you.

Had you actually read my posts, that is the point I was trying to make to Lib. God doesn’t need to worship anyone. He DOESN’T theoretically need to worship himself, or anything.


Right. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Seriously, though, it does get a bit wearing for people to be shouting at you from their bumper stickers all the time.

What the bumper stickers actually say to me in nothing about gods or religions, but “HEY! I’M PART OF THE CULTURAL MAJORITY!! YOU SHOULD BE, TOO.” As if we don’t get that message all day long from enough other sources.

Are the atheist bumper stickers okey-dokey?

Like “Born Again Atheist”? Or “Atheism Cures Religious Terrorism”? Or “Christian Family Values Luke 14:26”? Or “Come the Rapture, We’ll Have Earth to Ourselves”? Or “The Destruction of Faith is the Beginning of Evolution”? Or “Don’t Pray in Our School, I Won’t Think in Your Church”? Or “God is Just Pretend”? Or “No Gods No Masters”? Or “Your Kids and My Taxes Go To St Pedophile”?

Well, I would find them more amusing than “If you don’t accept Jesus as your personal savior then you’re going straight to hell.” But I don’t think everyone would, so I don’t have those bumper stickers.

I’m not sure what your point is, though; I didn’t say that such bumper stickers are bad. I just said that if you disagree with them they’re boring and that what they say to me is probably not what the sticker-er probably meant it to say.

Seriously, though, I have more respect for people who put their discordant beliefs on display than those shout that they feel just the way society tells them to feel.

I think it’s this type of contemptuous attitude that the OP is asking about.
You say you don’t hate people of faith, but then you say you think of them as deluded and misguided, and that you treat them as small children, that’s the exact antagonistic attitude mentioned in the OP. It’s no different than hate.

Why do you care if someone believes in God or Goddess or Mohammed or Allah or a Magical Sky Pixie? It’s not hurting you in the least.
Why do you have to have such a hateful attutide towards someone with a faith?

And what’s in Luke 14:26?

(Emphasis mine)

Help a guy out, Lib…You use that phrase a lot, and I have absolutely no idea what it means. What’s a hand-stabber?

I don’t care until their god tells them to commit suicide by flying a plane into my office, or blocking my way into the abortion clinic and shouting insults at me, or (OK, a stretch) pinning me down at a social gathering and trying to convert me. Or swatting my face to shoo off the Magical Sky Pixie from the unbeliever.

As long as the religious don’t try to inflict their views on me, I have nothing but respect for them. I’m very curious about religion as a sociological phenomenon and the religious as a psychological phenomenon.

Atheist checking in here. I have no time for (what i see as) irrational belief systems, but i certainly do not hold any animosity towards those who claim one religion or another.

And despite my atheism, i also believe that religion serves a positive role for many millions of people, and that organized religions have contributed many fine things to many cultures.

I do get rather annoyed when someone tries to convert me. And i also believe in separation of church and state. And, finally, i really get tired of football players who claim that their every touchdown was personally orchestrated by God.

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life–he cannot be my disciple.” — Luke 14:26

A hand-stabber is the atheist equivalent of a radical activist fundamentalist like Madalyn Murry O’Hair. There was an apparent urban legend about her using a pen to stab the hand of a man who said, “God bless you,” when she sneezed. The story might or might not be true, but it certainly would not have been out of character for her.

Wow. Wacky. What’s it usually taken to mean?

I agree with nogginhead, in that I don’t dislike the religious, but I do get ticked off when they try to convert me. If I were to meet BadDog, I’m sure we’d get along swell, provided she/he kept her/his word re:

I don’t ring your doorbell and try to convert you to atheisim, and I get pissed off with anyone who comes to my house to convert me to Christianity. Proselytizing is a four-letter word in my book, and because it is such a big part of Chrisitianity, that makes Christianity very hard for me to take.

I also get upset when, upon hearing that I’m an atheist, a religious person will jump to the conclusion that I lack a moral compass because I don’t have a Bible to refer to. Utter nonsense! To paraphrase the great Arthur C Clarke: religions act as though they have a liplock on morality, which just ain’t so!

How about some links or quotes or something, BadDog? Or did you just happen to feel like making blithe generalizations about atheists? I wonder who is truly the hateful one here.