Are you an avid concert goer?

My hobby is going to concerts. I don’t collect coins, stamps, and I don’t cross stitch. I don’t play sports, gamble, or watch much TV. It is something about a hot, sweaty, raw atmosphere that attracts my attention. Being up close and personal with the people who create the sound, music, lyrics that you grow to love. There is something about being in the same room enjoying the same music with 900-20,000 people including those who are famous in your eyes. Recently, I ventured out of state to Raleigh (did I spell that right??), NC to see Powerman5000 and StaticX. Next month, I will be traveling to Washington DC to catch No Doubt. What/When/Where was the last concert you attended?

I am embarrassed to say how long ago it was. About 3 years now; saw Rush in Nashville. Fell asleep 1/2 way through. Missed Neal Pert’s drum solo. My husband cried, “blasphemy!!”.

I’m sure I’ll guff from Coldfire for that one! :slight_smile:

There’s a ton of artists that I want to see; we’ll have to see how the summer concert season looks!

I’m assuming from the content of the OP that you don’t mean catching some jazz in a smoky nightclub, or attending Carnegie Hall to hear the glorious Cleveland under the more-than-capable baton of Christoph von Dohnanyi.

My last big dope-smokin’ rip-roarin’ concert was at Madison Square Garden on October 17, 1994, to hear the good ol’ Grateful Dead.

Why? Because the GRATEFUL DEAD were in town, of COURSE you went to hear 'em. (Used to have a setlist around here somewhere, scrawled on the back of an envelope.)

Less than ten months later, Jer passed, and the era ended.


Hey, If your last concert was some unknown in a small jazz club…then name it. A show is a show. Besides, didn’t most artist have to start somewhere…except the Backstreet Boys…I just don’t see them performing in some small smoke filled cafe on a boardwalk somewhere…


My last show was Beck, here in Chicago about a month ago.

Damn, he is a funny little man. His current album evokes (for me, at least) The Artist Back When He Was Known Just As Prince. And his show had a very early-80’s feel to it at certain points. It was so cheesy, it was good. I had also forgotten how many different sounds he has made over the years, and how many “hits” he produced.

ReservoirDog - you’re confusing me. Are you talking about Prince?

My last concert was in December. Billy Joel at the Hilton Coliseum in Ames, IA. It was fantastic.

I’ve seen the Grateful Dead about 250 times. I’m probably been to 700 or 800 hundred concerts of one variety or another in the past 15 years. That’s not many compared to some people I’ve met, though. I like the big arena shows a lot, but there’e something about seeing a group or a solo act in a little club or hall that makes everything seem so personal. The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco is probably my favorite venue. I like the Fillmore a lot, too. I think the best band to see right now has got to be Phish. They’re so much fun live. I wish they’d come around the West Coast more often than they do.

Talk about ironic - That exact same show was the last show I went to! Well, actually, it was the last show I went to here in Raleigh… Over the past week I cought Primus and Lynyrd Skynyrd shows.

Yer pal,

I hate rock concerts. The last one I attended was–get this–Men at Work in 1982 or 83.

I hear now though that fewer people are stoned/trashed/puking at concerts than they were in the 70s, so I might just get to another one this decade. I was always so turned off by the thick layer of pot smoke and the people either lifting my skirt or puking on me that I swore off of them for a while.

I don’t go to as many as I used to, because, well, med school blows. I managed to catch the Phish run in Cincinnati in December. (Soo-poyb.)

I did see Bob Dylan at Bogart’s in Cinci (capacity=1500) last summer, which was as close to a religious experience as I’ve ever come.

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Oh, yeah, I forgot…went to the Bob Dylan/Joni Mitchell show, also at MSG, about a year ago. Accompanied by my wife, who hates big concerts, but who was lured into it by the rare NYC Mitchell appearance.

This was a “Joni for you, Bob for me” deal.

She came out of it with a whole new respect for Mr. Dylan, whom she had always mildly disliked, and who put on a superb show that night. And I got the smug satisfaction of proving I was right about 'im.


The last concert I attended was about 10 years ago. New Kids on the Block. Oh, the Shame!

BunnyGirl, you blasphemous pig :smiley:
Falling asleep during a Rush concert, I mean, REALLY!

My last concert was the Tea Party, in De Melkweg (“The Milky Way”) in Amsterdam, just 3 or 4 weeks ago. MAN they rocked.

How was Primus, Satan? I really admire Claypools bass playing, but I get kind of annoyed when I hear too many Primus songs in a row: these guys wouldn’t be able to spot a melody if it fell on top of them :smiley:

Having said that, you gotta love songs like Wynonas Big Brown Beaver…'tis priceless :wink:


"You know how complex women are"

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Metallica, Allstate Arena, Jan 4th
Metallica, Allstate Arena, Jan 5th

Hell yah!

I want to go to a Sevendust concert on thursday, but there’s a frickin’ physiology exam that says no.

Went to see PM5K/Static-X last wednesday. Before that I saw System of a Down/Incubus (Sno-Core tour).(Both at Bogarts) And before that I saw Sevendust at Annies. Bogarts is the place for a concert in Cincy, and what’s coolest about it is that I live about a 15 minute walk from it.

I find myself starting in the back and working my way up and into the pit. What a great place to release stress. Of course, I can live without the bruises and the sore legs- but for as much fun as I have in there, it is well worth it.

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