Are you aware of this annoying website

Someone is cybersquatting at the typo As I often make that typo, it’s pretty annoying.

I don’t want to check it again but I once went to starightdope . com and it is a banner ad pop up site.

Actually, according to a Whois search at the domain’s current registrar, the current registrant’s record expires this coming December. The Reader should try and snag it for cheap when it expires and redirect it here. Domain names literally only cost a few bucks a year.

Google does this. They registered,, and several others. They all point to the Google home page.

Actually, the company that owns is the same one mentioned in the beginning of this article, who is being sued by Exxon for a similar domain name. If Exxon wins, it might be easier for the Reader to sieze

That address is not currently active. Might still be registered, but no page comes up.

Not currently registered

It was a couple of years ago that I stumbled into it. I remember starting a thread about it. I don’t know if the reader did anything about it or if it died a natural death.

Besides the point, but here’s a champion cybersquatter (Kevin Ham, a former physician in Vancouver, BC, Canada) who makes millions of dollars from the “.cm” instead of “.com” typo (.cm is the country domain for Cameroon):

The man who owns the Internet (

ETA -, of course, ends up at

Reading that makes my brain hurt.

AEr yuo maikng fnu fo teh wya I spel?

Yes. Yes I am. :stuck_out_tongue: