Are You "Balling" Right Now?

Twice in the last couple of weeks, posters have written “balling” instead of “bawling,” turning two horrific, tragic threads into unintentional blue comedy. I don’t want to name names, but “the look on his face made me want to ball my eyes out” and “I’m balling at work right now” come to mind.

Folks, folks. I don’t know if these were unintentional typos or if you really don’t know the difference between your bawls and your balls . . . But please, stop making me laugh my head off while reading about other peoples’ tragedies!

I saw that too, and felt bad for giggling. Thanks, Eve.

Reminds me of when I was fifteen and sitting in the yard with my boyfriend, who was telling me about a tragedy his family suffered. When I returned to the house, my dad asked me what we were doing, and I replied, “Bawling.” Guess the Midwestern accent supresses the “w” sound in that word, because I’ve never seen my dad’s eyes bug out so far.

I’m still wiping tears from my eyes here after reading zut’s post.

I might not laugh at anything for quite a while.

Yes, I am practically balling with laughter right now.

Actually, I’m bowling my balls off at the moment.

The journalist in me noticed it, but there was no way I could say anything. I didn’t even find it at all amusing.

In other threads I have though.

But according to the Reverend Little Richard, that is short for “to ballroom dance.”

same here… despite what may be the case with others… a simple typo in relation to such a painful event could never make me laugh

Well, I didn’t say anything in that thread, and did not even mention any names here.

It really did raise my eyebrows—but of course we all know, you are much better people than I will ever hope to be.

Do people even say “balling” anymore? I haven’t heard that terminology since the early '70s. I bet kids today would have to look it up.

Ha! Thanks to you, Eve, I’m doing nothing even remotely akin to bawling right now.
Ball my eyes out. Bwhaa! I’ll keep an eye out for you alright.

I thought that “balling” was to play basketball very well.

Hence, Jason Kidd could be called a “mad baller with skilz.” :slight_smile:

To ball is also slang for going very, very fast esp. while driving. Ex:

I had to be doing every bit of eighty when that car balled past me.

…at least I think it is.

I cry at the thought of a melon baller.

I’m right there with you Eve. It was a funny feeling, something so amusing and not even wanting to laugh.

I actually am balling right now though, because I am a baller. And while I am fully conversant with the outdated slang version of that word, some of you non-kids may not be familiar with the current usage your own selves. :wink:

Damn you, soup_du_jour. Stupid work getting in the way of timely posting.

“Balling” is also slang for playing basketball. So maybe they didn’t mean crying or humping… maybe they meant they were on a fast break looking for an open man or something.

I know men aren’t supposed to cry, but I’ve been balling for several months now.

I should read the thread more closely, I guess. So now I nominate “Ball” as slang for “looking like a dork posting something that someone else already posted.”

Hence, “RickJay balled up pretty bad in that thread.”

Eve wrote:

Living in Nevada where prostitution is legal (in places) and having 4 nookietoriums within 20 minutes of our house gives the phrase, “balling at work,” added meaning.

OK, one of those was me. I noticed after I had hit submit. To be honest, I was not thinking too much of my gramamr at that moment. I also felt it would NOT be appropriate to correct it in such a thread. It does not trivialize my sypmpathies in the slightest.