Are you buying shares in Facebook?

Well, are you?

Facebook seems to be way over valued.

No. Nor do I advise my clients to do so.

I wouldn’t dream of it.

No way. It’s a fad stock that’s been way overhyped. The people who buy the stock are probably going to end up losing money when the price declines to something more sensible.

Hell to the no. Overvalued IPO’s for potentially iffy companies are not my thing.

Strange. Everything I see says FB will be one of the hottest IPOs ever.

Want a piece of Facebook? Get in line.

Facebook boosts number of IPO shares by 25%

If I could get it at the ~$35 per share IPO price? Yes. I wouldn’t be surprised if it opens $45+ on the secondary market tomorrow. I wouldn’t buy it on the secondary market.

Where’s the “fuck no” option?

I have no idea. I am invested in over twenty mutual funds, I am sure one of them will buy some, but I really haven’t looked into it.

Well, people who want to invest in hot things are all over this IPO like stink on shinola. Momentum players are likely also interested, knowing that the zillions of people shut out of the IPO will bid the stock higher over the next few days/weeks/months.

I prefer a value-based investing strategy myself, which is why I wouldn’t touch Facebook - I don’t think the value is there.

Here’s what Henry Blodget (yes, that Henry Blodget) has to say about Facebook:

Had this IPO been made 5 or 6 years ago it would have been a hot stock to get into, for a while.

The owners have waited too long to cash in and I believe that they are doing so now because they finally see this. They are taking the money and running.

Facebook already has most of the customers/users/data providers that they can get within the US. This IPO will not bring in new users, there may be potential new users in other countries and markets but the US is tapped out. And Something Else will take the place of Facebook before it ever evolves into the next New Thing.

New Things get stale and Facebook is running out of shelf life. In 5 or 6 years it will be about as hip, with-it, next best thing as AOL is today. Let’s chat more about this on ICQ. :wink:

If you can get in on the IPO, you’d be rather foolish not to buy it. In and out by lunch tomorrow, with a rather tidy profit. I’m not sure I’d buy on the secondary market, depending upon the opening price.

It may go down, but I suspect it’s going up first. I’m trying to get as much of the IPO as I can for my clients, but I doubt it will happen.

Having had experience with Facebook’s idea of customer service – no.

Which seems more likely, Facebook skyrockets from here or Facebook eventually tanks? For me (and apparently everyone else here), it’s the latter. I’m sure it’s a novelty for some people to say they “own” part of Facebook or something, but it doesn’t seem like a good investment.

Ha. I said the exact same thing. Actually, I want a “fuck no and I’m shorting it next month” option.

Good thing we didn’t buy. Even the IPO was a total flop - it’s doing worse than I expected right out of the gate.

Pretty much this. I know the underwriters bid the stock up so it didn’t sink below 38, and an above poster was probably right about those shut out of the initial offering being all hot the next month or so, and the stock may go up. But I can’t see the real value going up; though who knows, things change every day.

But that’s just my opinion as a total trading outsider, knowing nothing about anything regarding stocks. But if even I won’t buy into the hype, I’m not sure who will.

Facebook isn’t even real, how does a room of servers equate to 120 billion dollars?

The Oil Industry has Real Stuff…Gold is Real Stuff.

Buy shares in Zynga instead, they got at least 20 bucks from me, till’ I woke up one day and said screw this Farmville shit. :dubious:

Well, in all fairness, I bet they’re really shiny servers!

You’d get more long term value from the money by taking it out back, burning it and turning the ash beneath the soil.