Are you driving to the path of totality to see the eclipse?

Are you driving to the path of totality to see the eclipse?
The news is preaching there’ll be hellfire and destruction on the highways that day.
I’m curious how many of us are planning to travel. (I’m building a poll now, my first)

Didn’t vote because I am taking the train down there.

I’ll be driving to someplace close to “the Band of Totality” (Band Name!), but not in it. To reach totality, my plans include getting on a boat at a location where the band crosses a large lake. One end of the lake is inside the band although where we will be launching the boat will not be.

No. Seeing totality is just not worth more in time and cost to me than wandering outside to look up for a minute and go “Cool.”

Maybe? It’s going to mean getting up around five in the morning and missing opening convocation at the university where I work, so I’m still on the fence about it. But I may try, depending on how the weather looks.

I’m going on vacation next month, so I don’t have days to spare, and there ain’t no way I want to be heading down I-95 just to see dark in daytime. We’re supposed to be in the 82% region, so I’ll take that.

I was going to go (E Tennessee), but the dire traffic forecasts have dissuaded me. I’ll be within 200 miles of the totality band tho. 2024 looks to be much easier for me, for various reasons (plus it’s about twice as long).

Yes, to Tennessee. Totality band but not the middle, enough to get 2 minutes of totality. Normally it would take 2.5 hours to drive there through back roads (no freeway). I was originally planning to get up early and drive, but given the dire predictions, I made a hotel reservation only 1/2 hour from there.

Drive back will probably be hell. I really don’t blame my wife for opting out of the trip.

No way in hell. We’re close enough in Portland and there was a 30 mile backup on one of the roads down there yesterday.

Yep. We’re driving to Evanstville, IN tomorrow, then will make our way to Clarksville early Monday morning. There’s no point in driving to the “almost” totality band. It’s totality or might as well stay home. It’s like getting to 99% of the way to an orgasm.

It isn’t about darkness in daytime, it is about this.

(Oh, and I can’t reply to the pole because “already there” isn’t an option.)

Nope. My gf’s total disinterest and my minimal interest means we have other plans.

I polled yes, but at this writing that’s still contingent on the weather outlook for the Kansas City MO region. I’ll be going full bugout mode: enough food, water and gasoline to last three days if need be.

You got it exactly! Which is why it’ll be a good bit of a letdown if there’s no clear view of the sun. The darkness isn’t the cool thing about a total solar eclipse (at least in my opinion.) It’s how the sun transitions from a sliver of a disk to complete darkness to then an explosion of a corona. I was totally unprepared for it the first time I saw it and it was the coolest fucking natural phenomenon I’ve ever witnessed.

Yes, but not the day of. We have an uncle who’s 25 miles from the band, so we’re going to his place to spend the night.

Well, I suppose technically we’ll be driving the short distance from his place to the band, but that’s a short distance, all on back roads, so we’re not worried.

I wasn’t going to, but Totality will be about 20 miles from me. Why not?

Probably not. The forecast of partly cloudy, possibility of thunderstorm has probably dissuaded me.

OP: You should have added an option: Depends on the weather forecast.

No. I can’t not hear about it right now, and regardless of my own interest level, the moment it begins there are going to be endless pictures and videos posted by literally everyone, everywhere, for days, weeks, months, even years afterwards. We’re all about to see it thousands of times over, no matter if we want to or not.

We’re driving 500 miles to the totality zone at the TN/KY border just to see it.

I saw the one in '7o, and seeing it in person is…special. Pictures and videos can’t come close.