Are you getting fire truck birthday drive-bys in your area?

Fire trucks driving past the house of kids on their burthdays blasting their sirens and horns. There was one about a half-mile from me a couple of weeks ago, I thought there was some major accident on the highway in that direction/distance. There was another one around a quarter mile from me just now–sounded like I was in the middle of 9/11, but at least this time I knew what was going on.

No kids in my mountain-forest neighborhood and fire trucks only dare our rough dirt track for dire necessities. It looks like the county seat’s fire dept. ran an Easter procession but I see nothing about birthday drive-byes.

Yes, and also ‘car parades’ for various things.

And people pasting a lot of messages in their windows like “we love you Beth” and hearts and flowers.

No, and not surprising given the demographics of my neighborhood. That could work in suburbs, definitely not in high density population areas of Chicago

Had a biker gang celebration of some kind. Nothing like ear-shattering engine noise dragging on for fifteen minutes on a Sunday afternoon.