Are you high-ranking military?

I know there are a lot of military and ex-military people on this board. Specifically, I want to hear from someone who has, or knows the person with the actual, current authority amperage to give the order to get what I want done.

Here’s my thing: I’m a very good helicopter pilot. I’ve flown little, nimble things and big clunky cargo ships. Furthermore I have a genuine gift for instructing. No lie, I graduated 17 qualified pilots in a single year.

Currently, I’m engaged in a type of flying that is more difficult than most, but not strategically necessary. I want to change that.

I want to fly for the war effort, in any capacity. I have no problem flying combat, support, surveillance, or I can teach others to fly and free up someone else.

I don’t require that it be an American service, flying for an ally of the US would be fine, as long as they let American citizens in their military.

But I need someone with enough rank to overrule the age limitation. I’m 40 years old. Not ready for the rest home yet (I compete in international martial arts competitions), and I’m a damnsight tougher than the children that I pass in the hallways here at the airport.

Yes, I know about the age limit. I also know that somewhere this side of Mr. Rumsfeld is a person who can say “Waive it in this instance” and get it done.

If you can help, please contact me at If you are horrified that I might wish to actively engage in supporting a war effort, please keep it to yourself. If you think this is rilly kewl, don’t bother me - I’m on business.

But if you can tell me “Call this person - they’re expecting to hear from you,” and you’re not fucking around, I’d appreciate it.

As it turns out, while 40 is VERY old for all but the most senior soldiers, Warrent Officers don’t have to retire until they’re 60. Most helicopter pilots are warrent officers. :slight_smile:

Try calling the local U.S. Army Reserve and find the nearest unit with helicopters. If they have vacancies, it is possible to directly “commission” someone (warrent officers are not, however, “commissioned”) to a rank based on prior civilian experience.

Failing this, you might (if you live in a northern State) try the Canadian (reserve) forces (Windsor has a unit, I know); they might be planning/executing a force expansion since the Canadian military forces are very small and the actual advent of unconventional warfare does not bode well for the future, even though the WTC only suffered “light casualties”.

Good luck.

Thanks, Sea. I’ve got an email out to a WO coordinator guy…