Are you KIDDING me? (allergies, cats...)

I have been SO stuffed up for the past two weeks. I’ve been trading a cold off and on with my six month old since he started daycare four months ago, but the congestion has gone away within a few days every time. This time, it started and just has NOT gone away. I’ve been miserable, and have slept like crap.

So I headed off to see my doctor this afternoon. He thinks that my cats may be producing more dander, possibly due to the fact that the heat is up so high in our house, so they may have dry skin.

I was diagnosed with a mild cat allergy as a kid - so mild that a series of easy allergy shots was enough to take care of it (I hate shots, but I loved my cats, so I chose the shots over getting rid of the two cats). Now it looks like that mild allergy may be manifesting itself a little more strongly.

I’ve got several different things to take care of it - steroid nasal spray, Singulair, and Allegra D. Hopefully, they will take care of it so that I can at least breathe until the air in our house isn’t quite so dry and the cats don’t have such bad dry skin.

Luckily, the baby has shown no signs of allergies, which has been one of my worst fears. I just can’t believe that after 32 years of living with cats, and having mild allergies, they’ve decided to completely explode this winter. I’m sure things will improve when the weather gets better, and hopefully, the stuff he gave me will help.

If anything, I can threaten the hell out of the cats when they misbehave :D.


Cats, eh? Them’s good eatin’.

kitty pics Elza B?? Allergies suck! Good on the baby not having allergies.

I, too, have a problem with cat dander. (Thank Og for Flonase and Allegra.) There are two things, aside from medications, that seem to help a lot. One is to vaccum. The less cat hair, the better. The other is bathing the cats. I won’t do it when it’s too cold outside (so that really doesn’t help at this time of the year), but come warmer weather, those kitties get a bath.

Maybe you should pray to Og to smash the dander out of the kitties.

I know that a very drawn out cold has been going around, might be that. I had it myself, along with most of the people I work with (It didn’t start with me though). Typical cold symptoms that knocked me out completely for 2-3 days, followed by 6 weeks of mild cold symptoms, mostly congestion. I had it in november and december, then a week ago, I met someone who was in the middle of the same type of cold. She was clearly not within my circle of co-workers (had not even heard of the hotel I worked at) but seemed to know many people with that same long and drawn out cold.

It could be the weather, too.

Talk with your vet about dietary supplements for the fuzzies to help with the dry skin. There may be a fish-oil or veggie-oil supplement that will help some.

Good luck.

I thought that it came out on its own.






I’ve heard just brushing the cat daily will help. Here are some other suggestions.

I will do that…I didn’t even think about that.

I swear I posted to this thread last night, but I guess the board ate it:(. I can breathe! Yay! But I learned never to take my Singulair an hour before leaving work - I crashed out on the couch at 6:30. So I’ll be taking that right before bed.

So, badkittypriestess, just for you: Oscar, who is the smart, beautiful, prissy boy, and Emmy, my beautiful, timid, sweet, shy girl. I’ll deal with allergies for these two - they’re my first babies.