Are you lactose intolerant? Does it sound like I am?

On Friday, I felt a pulsing pain at the top of my stomach, which led to my entire stomach pulsing with pain. The pain would get so bad that my back would hurt and it would last from 30 minutes to 2 hours… I’d bust out in a cold sweat… sometimes it would feel a little better if i burped or passed some gas… but it would return…
I’m on the 3rd day now… and the pain is not as bad, but my ribs hurt and i’ve not had too many BMs… tell me what you experience? advice on over the counter meds?

I am a bit lactose intolerant like many Asian people, and what you’re describing sounds kind of like it, but in general, 3 days is a bit long. Have you been drinking milk or eating dairy this whole time? Usually if I have more than a small glass of milk, my stomach cramps and I get diarrhea and all. But it’s gone after one evening or so.

What you describe sounds like attacks of heartburn I’ve had - although I never had one that lasted 3 days. You might want to see your doc since it’s been this long.

You’re on the third day, but are you consuming dairy products each day? If so, (a) your symptoms would be consistent with lactose intolerance; and (b) for God’s sake, stop!

If not, then no–I’m severely lactose intolerant, but the pain never lasted anywhere close to three days. Something else is bothering you.

Better have it checked by a doctor. That said, one symptom of lactose intolerance is * really * nasty smelling flatulence as the bacteria in your digestive tract go to town on the undigested sugars. So unless you’re experiencing that, I’d rule out lactose intolerance.

I was thinking maybe your gall bladder …


I’ll second gall bladder and nth the suggestion to see a doctor about this! Before I had my gall bladder out, I had horrible “stomach aches” the morning after having pizza (very strong pains in the upper part of my abdomen). The first and second time this happened, the pain went away after about three hours…being 20 years old and away at school, I tried to ignore it. The third time, the pain didn’t stop so I went to the emergency room and was under the knife about three hours later…

The top of your stomach is actually near your nipple. The stomach is much higher up than most people think, which is why heartburn is called heart-burn and not stomach-burn.

If the pain is really that high it’s much more likely to be heartburn than lactose intolerance.

OTOH, if by the top of the stomach you mean the top of the belly, down by the navel, then LI is one possibility. Gas pains are one symptom, but by the third day you should also have experienced some diarrhea.

There’s nothing that can be done for LI until all the undigested lactose leaves the body. Heartburn can be treated by OTC products.

Of course, it could be any number of serious problems, so if this persists, see a doctor.

Severe, cramping abdominal pain, accompanied by diaphoresis and radiating to the back? And this has been happening for three days? :eek: Get yourself to a doctor. There are lots of things that can cause these symptoms; some are more likely than others depending on your age and general state of health. At any rate, there’s no need for you to sit around hurting for that long. If you have a primary care MD you should give him/her a call, and if not, try an urgent care clinic or ER. That’s what they’re there for!

Hope you feel better soon.


Yeah, get to the doctor right now. To me, it sounds like pancreatitis, but that’s probably because I’ve been dealing with it for a while now. If that’s what you have, welcome to hell, kid.

Please go to the doctor now, you sound like what I experienced last month. Actually, go to the ER, with simple, painless sonogram they can see what’s wrong.

My gall bladder was blocked with one huge stone. They took it out the next day.
It hurt so bad, I didn’t care what they did. I just wanted the pain to stop.

Doc said if you let the gall bladder stones go, it can mess up your pancreas. That’s suppsoed to be much worse. Don’t let that happen.