Are you living off interest?

Is anyone here living off interest? Do you work jobs for fun? Get bored? How did you make the initial amount of money to live off the interest?

[ul][]SS and interest.[]No.[]Not yet.[]Part owner of a company that made welt cord and other items for upholstered furniture.[/ul]

SS and interest

Nope. pursue my hobbies and home work projects

Nope, the above keeps me occupied. I read a lot also. Am teaching myself Celestial Navagation prepatory to living/cruising on a sailboat. No time to be bored.

Got lucky with stock options and also had 401k and IRAs

Yes, basically (and Quebec pension, just like SS). I worked for 40 years and then retired. Yes, I do work jobs for fun. Next fall, I will be teaching a course for no pay and I act as editor for 4 mathematics journals (two of which are online journals and two ordinary print). Also I still do research, although not the same level I used to. And I do things like read The Straight Dope and sci.math newsgroups. And I read a lot. Play some computer games, although not a lot.

The interest I receive each month ain’t nearly enough to live on! But it’s nice WAM (walking-around money).

It’s from a trust fund, and a non-voting share of a corporation my father and grandfather started back in the 70’s.

Diver, I just thought I’d mention Celestial Navigation is one of my specialties. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or just want to chat about it. I also own a 35’sailboat but right now it is in serious need of repair… Also dreaming of some extended and serious cruising… _

Ummmm… whoosh?

I think this is the second time a sailor-post has done that to me.

[Hi, sailor]