Are you making any changes due to higher gas prices?

So far, the only change I’ve made is that I don’t fill up my car anymore. I’m generally driving around with less than half a tank. As prices get higher, I may have to rearrange my schedule so that I can get more things done on each trip. The reason I haven’t done this yet is that it’ll be a major inconvenience in getting things done at their proper times.

So, how are you coping, and how do you plan to cope as prices continue to rise?

Dakota Quad Cab stays parked 3-4 times per week. I use my wife’s Jetta instead.

Geeze, people treat me like a wheenie in the little Jetta! I want to be big and bad in my Dakota!

No changes yet…

Although our CRV gets fairly good milage, the Camry gets better, so hubby and I have switched vehicles. My commute outdistances his by about 15 miles.

Nope, no changes. Selling my house and moving is a little drastic. And unless I do that, things will remain pretty much the same.

No changes yet, but I’ll have to make some soon. My S-10 pickup is costing me upwards of $40 to fill and my budget doesn’t have a lot of room in it for that.

I am trying to find a job closer to home, and I may start taking my bike to work. It’s eight miles away give or take, but I could use the exercise.

No changes, and I don’t anticipate any. I only put on about 8,000 miles a year; there’s really nowhere to cut back and it wouldn’t save me a ton of money if I could. I’ll just bite the bullet.

I don’t have a whole lot of choice - my husband and I work in opposite directions, and he’s got the longer drive, so he gets the Jetta and I take the Aerostar. When we go places together, it’s in the Jetta, unless we have to have the van. Pretty much the only change is that we complain about it more.

Hmm…I’m seeing a trend here. :slight_smile:

I don’t get it, how are you saving money by having to fill up twice as often? Do you think the weight savings from not having a full tank really improves your mileage that much?

Nope, I’m just postponing the agony a bit.

Nope. Most of the places I go I pretty much have to go. The exception being that I would not have to go to see Mom this weekend, but she would be broken-hearted if I didn’t.

Since I’m unemployed, I don’t need to drive every day. I usually just hang out at home when I’m not working anyway, so I can go a couple of days without driving.

The days are becoming nicer (although we’re supposed to get rain and a lot of wind over the next couple of days), so riding a motorcycle becomes an option. My YZF-R1 gets about 40 mpg, which is twice what the Jeep gets. I’ve loaned my Seca II to a friend until he gets his Ascot back from the shop, but when I get it back I can ride it and get 50 mpg.

I saw a Chevy Sprint yesterday that someone was selling for $650, and on the windcreen it said ‘42 mpg!’. I’m thinking about it, since I’ve had Sprints before and they’re decent little cars. On the other hand, I don’t want my house to look like a vehicle dealership.

I called about the MGB yesterday, and the body guy (claims he) is almost done. I’m hoping to have it back for the summer, and it should get about 25 mpg. Not great, but better than the Jeep.

I’ve been planning my itinerary more carefully when it comes to errands. I lost my job a few weeks ago, which cut my commute considerably.

I’ve stopped leaving the office for lunch, which is a shame, since it was the gym or the library I used to drive to.

I’ve decided to ride my bike to work (12 miles, one way) at least twice a week, both to save money on gas, and get riding time in. (I’m riding a 100 mile ride in just a few weeks.) Of course, the week I decided to do that, it rained cats and dogs. So, Monday will be my start date for that change. I’ve ridden to work before. Amazingly, it takes about the same amount of time to ride as it does to drive.

I used to fill my car up at whatever gas station was convenient, but now I’m only going to either Costco or an Arco up here by work that has the same prices as Costco.

I quit driving to work and started walking. It takes an extra hour and a half out of my day, and I drive a Civic to begin with, but I feel like I’m sticking it to THE MAN regardless.

I have to give in and buy gas today because I have long-distance errands and “jumbo-size” groceries to get. (Cases of soda, etc. I’ve been walking to the store for smaller stuff the last couple weeks.)

I tihnk I mgiht be the one with the most extreme change. Yes, I am moving (partly) because of high gas prices. Currently, I have an hour commutte to work.

When I started my job back in the summer, it was a pretty sweet deal. I had to travel to different hospitals, and was given a company car, so I enver payed a dime for gas, and was even on the clock for travel time greater than half an hour, which was every hospital except one. Well, come October, my boss informs me that I am getting transferred, so to speak. Basically, I switched positions with a guy who was at a hospital full time.

So then I had to start driving my own car an hour each way to work. On top of that, it broke down in December and I had to buy a new one. So in the span of a couple months my monthly expenses shot up over $250.

Come the beginning of May, I am moving to within a couple miles of the hospital. In addition to saving money on gas, I will also be paying less rent. I currently pay $475 for a one bedroom apartment, I will paying the range of $250-$400 for a one bedroom after I move. Hell, I found a listing for a three bedroom house in the area for $375 a month. A freakin’ house for a hundred bucks less a month! The downside to it is that it is about fifteen minutes from the hospital (still a lot better than an hour) and even more in the middle of nowhere. I probably wouldn’t be able to get cable, which means no cable internet, so probaby a no go (I might be able to get DSL, though, it’s something I’ll look into.)

No changes. If we have to go somewhere, we have to go somewhere. Whether it’s to the train station to get to work, or the grocery store, whatever. Fortunately, none of that is very far away. We’re too far away from anything, though, for walking to be a feasible option.

A little more consolidation of trips, but that’s about it. My Frontier P/U gets pretty good gas milage, and my commute is less than 5 miles every day, each way. The wife works out of the house, so no problem there.

I’d ride a bike to work, if it weren’t for the fact that a) I don’t own one, and b) there is a big honking hill on the way home. Color me lazy. :smiley:

Ugh, not much I /can/ do. My car’s a 15-year-old huge tank of a thing, and I can’t afford a new one any more than I can afford gas for The Tank. None of the places I have to be are within reasonable (read: less than half an hour) walking distance, and since my schedule routinely keeps me out after dark and I’m pretty small even for a girl, I wouldn’t want to walk anyway. The buses around here are $2 each way, which I figure costs about the same as gas. :mad:

So yeah, the only change I’ve made is that I piss and moan a lot more. :smiley: