Are you paying too much for your phone? Want to lower the cost?

Are you paying too much for your phone? Want to lower the cost?

I know that sounds like so many advertisements you see. But I’m not making any money by recommending the following link to you.

I recently cut my phone bill in half. From $60 per month to $30 per month. Mostly, I did that by eliminating services I didn’t need and downgrading my service.

In my experience, big phone companies make it very easy for you to upgrade but very difficult to downgrade. If you bought your phone from your phone company and you’re paying for it over 24 months (or something similar), the only way I know to downgrade is to pay out the cost of the phone which essentially cancels your phone service.

Then you can switch to another company. But it’s so much better to just tell your company you are thinking about switching and they will bend over backwards to keep your business by giving you their lowest rates and even give you some unadvertised discounts.

Here is a link I read that gives you some good info. As I said, I am not making any money by posting this link. I’m just very happy with cutting my phone bill in half and I thought some of you might like to think about lowering your bill as well.

I can’t promise you that you will be able to reduce your bill that much. But I would guess that most everyone can find a way to reduce your bill by enough to make this read worth your time.

If you don’t like the link above, you can always Google for “how to lower my phone bill”.

Good luck.


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