Are You READY for the "Roaring Twenties"? (2020's-that is!)

I’m tempted to think that historicl cycles repeat themselves-at intervals of about 100 years. So, we will have a repeat of the “Roaring Twenties”-complete with booze, gangsters, and guns? Will jazz make a comeback? It seems that after a decade of war, this country needs to let its hair down-what do you say?
I’d like to see flappers, jazz, and speakeasies return!

Sounds like fun ralph124c, but we’re all going to be dead in the year 2012. :smiley:

Funny—you don’t look Aztec. Or Mayan either, for that matter.

I’m in if they bring back the clothes (that long waist is a good look for me)

Does this mean we have to go through the First World War again? Because I don’t want to.

Meh. I’ll be too old to be drafted, so I’m good.

I think Prohibition is going to have been a terrible idea, but it’s perfect for me - I almost never drink, but I’ve always wanted to hang out in a speakeasy. I’m all for flappers, too.

The password is “Swordfish!”

That password is only good down by the viaduct. :smiley: