are you related to anyone famous?

I’ve met a number of famous people - largely New Democratic politicians - but I’m not related to anyone in particular.

However, there’s a family tradition that we might be related to Ulysses S. Grant. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooee.

Also our fifth cousin’s (don’t laugh, we’re close) mother-in-law was a lady in waiting to the Queen of the Netherlands. That’s about it for us.

Jesse James (the outlaw, not the car guy) is my great uncle/cousin or whatever. I forget the connection but it is on my father’s side, and pretty close. woopie

No names, huh? Wow. Deep.

Did you know that what’s-his-face married that chick? Seriously. They’re wiccans as well. Wait, you’re not Phyllis Diller are you?

The motorcycle guy claims to be related to the outlaw.

Funny how Hitler’s kin tend to downplay their relation to him. I hear that Jesse James was quite the philanthropist. He gave money to women, and they gave him , uhhh, stuff. He never shot anyone BTW, his gun(s) did all that. So, step off bitch!

My paternal grandfather’s brother was married to Jimmy Stewart’s sister, which makes Jimmy … well, nothing to me personally, but my mom’s cousins talk about “Uncle Jim.”

My uncle’s probably the most well known person in my family tree not counting people like 15th cousins once removed and such. He’s Helios Creed. He was in the band Chrome.

I’ll be seeing him next week.

Not related, but my mom went to an arts class with Tom Morellos mom a couple years back (Rage Against the Machine).

Well, I’m understandably hesitant to name someone I have an actual connection to, this being an anonymous message board and all. I can say that I am not Phyllis Diller (if that were the case my husband’s ex-wife would not be more famous). Obviously, his ex-wife and I have the same last name, and it’s not a usual one.

But I suppose I can say that I got into Robin Wright’s pants.

I’m joking with you, as I’m sure you know.

The thread title is “are you related to anyone famous?”

If I posted “no”, I’d be wasting bandwidth.

If I posted “yes”, I’d be expected to describe what the hell I was talking about.
Show me a person with a secret they won’t share, and I’ll show you someone that several people want to punch in the face. At this time, I have no axe to grind.

Wait, on preview, in the context of the post before mine, that seems rather callous. Not my intention.

I’m related to someone who is both justifiably famous (2-time Cy Young winner) and justifiably infamous: My relation (I’m not revealing more) even has his own Wikipedia entry What that page leaves out is his smaller-time fame as a organist (he released at least one album to moderate success).

I don’t understand kinship relations well enough to know this, but I’m possibly related by marriage (to the same person as above) to the great Hall-of-Famer and baseball announcer Lou Boudreau

I can match that! I worked at McDonald’s with another little-known actor (who got a huge part early in his career), John Hammond

My great aunt is Jane Elliott, an anti-racism activist type person who came up with this whole thing where she divides a group up by eye color and has one group treat the other group as inferior, and it’s supposed to teach you what it feels like to be oppressed. She’s been on various talk shows and had a couple documentaries filmed about her. We watched one of them in one of my college classes, which completely weirded me out. Especially the whole, “oh, she’s such a great person, she’s done so much, blah blah blah,” when I know what she’s REALLY like. Heh.

Which part was “huge”?

Poor guy hasn’t worked in the biz for 15 years. Guess he’s done with it. Good for him.

John Entwistle was my wife’s uncle. And it sure doesn’t seem like four years since he died. (Not that I could claim to have known him - I met him once, and as it was his son’s wedding he had slightly bigger fish to fry than saying hi to his niece’s husband. I enjoyed the free champagne though.)

Excuse me, I was simply trying to be to the point. Jesse James does cars too thank you very much. Doesn’t a person have to pull the trigger to shoot someone anyway?

BTW, I said nothing about shooting. :rolleyes:

I’m very sorry. I meant that to be tongue-in-cheek, but forgot the winky smiley. Without the smarmy, sarcastic tone I intended, it does come off as quite mean. No offense intended. Sorry if I offended you.

According to vague family “history” I’m related to–but not descended from–President James Buchanan.

The Wright Brothers…my grandmother had a picture of her standing with them at Kitty Hawk, but the photo somehow got lost over the years, although I remember seeing it as a kid. Considering I have a fear of flying, I obviously did not inherit any of those adventurous genes.

A recent Dope thread has the cure for this. Apparently you go up in an open-cockpit stunt biplane and your instructor does an aileron roll…