Are you satisfied with the job Obama has done as president of the US?

Yes or no? Explain why or why not. all opinions welcome. :slight_smile:

Only slightly satisfied.

He’s spent too much political capital on the wrong things.
He not only hasn’t changed policies he campaigned against, he’s reinforced them.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that he would have been able to do a lot better if it weren’t for the Republicans deciding they’d rather see the Republic burn than allow a black democrat to lead America. And I say that as someone who has voted more often for Republicans than Democrats.

Whenever I start feeling dissatisfied with him for any reason . . . I look at all the miserable bastards who want his job. Compared to them, he’s a remarkable man, even when I don’t agree with him.

I’m voting for the guy but I’m really pissed that he didn’t close down Guantanamo and I am really uncomfortable with the extrajudicial drone assassinations. I wish he’d lighten up on federal prosecution of marijuana dispensaries and just let the states handle it.

I commend the positive changes he has made for LGBT Americans, but I feel he has been too lenient with regards to immigration issues.

I’d say I am “somewhat satisfied”.

Given that the republicans are doing everything in their power to fuck up his stay in office, he isn’t doing too badly.

Guantanamo and marijuana are two flat out broken campaign promises. I hate being lied to.

I generally agree with above comments. I really like the guy and give him the benefit of the doubt on intentions and tactics, but I don’t always agree with what he’s done. I’m disappointed we didn’t get a better universal health care program, for example. All in all, he’s done better than I expected.

Are there things I wish he’d done better (or at all)? Yes. Would these things have bee done with a republican in the office? No. My problems with Obama are definitely because he’s too conservative for my taste but there is not a viable leftist candidate on the table so I take what I can get.

Very satisfied - few broken promises and all. If the Republicans had won in 2008 none of the things Obama promised but has not delivered would have happened, and we’d have a ton of other problems. UBL is dead. The vast majority of US troops are out of Iraq (officially all, but let’s be honest). Our troops are scheduled to leave Afghanistan. The economy is in better shape than it was. If it weren’t for Rethuglican obstructionism on every single thing we’d be in better shape now. The PPACA (“Obamacare”) could save my family immense risk by allowing me to keep my children under my health insurance until age 26. I say “could” because the Roberts court could overturn it, make my children’s lives much harder and riskier.

Obama is the first president in my lifetime who is intelligent, articulate, honest, sane, in good enough health to perform his duties, and not be an insufferable prig.

I feel towards him the normal level of pissed-offness I expect to feel towards any politician holding major office. I do not feel an abnormally high level of pissed-offness or anything resembling insane rage, which means he’s doing a lot better than his predecessor. Edit: I answered the poll “only somewhat satisfied.”

Satisfied. I agree with healthcare, agree with allowing illegal children to stay under the given restrictions, agree with killing the terrorist motherfuckers before they try to kill more of us. Given the mess he inherited after eight years of Cheney and his gang trying to dismantle the country, and given the fact that most reputable economists predicted a minimum of ten years to recover from the economic disaster, and given Europe on the brink of meltdown, I’d say he’s doing a credible job of holding things together. He’s dealing with a completely obstructionist congress who care nothing about America and everything about making sure Obama gets nothing passed into law. Frankly, I’m surprised the man doesn’t just sit in a corner sucking his thumb at this point.

Somewhat satisfied. At first the bumblings came across as ‘20 dimensional chess’ or something, but that wore off and I think his base realized he really seemed over his head in politics.

It almost seemed like he had no idea how much the GOP hates him, and what they will sabotage to hurt him. He seemed to think his rhetoric would somehow rise above all of that stuff. He seems like he wasted so much political capital on trying to be liked and bipartisan, and it was all for nothing and he was the only one who didn’t know it.

I’m hoping the Bin Laden thing woke him up. I know when Bin Laden was killed several of the hardcore GOPers I know in person weren’t happy that the guy who orcestrated terror attacks was dead and brought to justice, they were mad because they were upset that killing Bin Laden might make Obama look good. Maybe Obama got wind of this reaction and it woke him up that people would rather Bin Laden be alive than have Obama look like he is competent at foreign policy. He seems hopelessly naive sometimes.

Plus he doesn’t seem to use his executive powers as much as he could. He could pressure the justice dept to crack down on voter repression. Or end DEA pot raids. Or he could’ve chosen not to enforce DADT before the law was repealed.

His domestic policy seems like something a new england republican from 20 years ago would promote. He has said himself when he goes to Europe that European leaders are confused by people here in the US calling him a socialist. By European standards he is conservative.

But who knows.

His foreign policy is excellent from what I’ve seen though. Ending the Iraq war, taking Al Qaeda seriously (rather than using it as an excuse to push an ideological agenda), winding down Afghanistan, rebuilding the US’s image abroad, dealing with turmoil in the mideast w/o making it worse. Imagine how a neocon would’ve handled the Arab Spring.

So far, most appear to be relatively satisfied.

lol :rolleyes: Yes, those evil racist Republicans, it’s all their fault. Well hey most of them are whitey after all. Just DA MAN oppressin again. If it wasn’t for those KKK bastages, Obamessiah would have led us to the promised land by now!

Interesting how there isn’t a “very dissatisifed” choice (not that it would have been mine). I’m simply dissatisfied. How anyone can be satisfied given that after 4 yrs our country is marginally better if at all is laugable. He sucks. (Though not as bad as Bush Jr did) He’s pretty much the paper lion joke I knew he was all along, all form and no substance and completely full of it in general.

It doesn’t matter though. He’ll win again easily, and for the same reasons as before, despite being a failure for 4 years. Why? He’s eloquent! He’s hip! And by golly, he’s black! A vote against him is a vote for racism!

+5 for leading off with “lol”
+10 for “Obamessiah”
+7 for inexplicable random KKK reference

Total score: 22.

Given the extraordinarily treasonous opposition, I’m surprised he’s got as much done as he did. I’m satisfied

Same here. I’m more than satisfied, but not quite “very satisfied.”

As for the drone strikes, I guess I’d much rather have that than invade yet another country for fun and corporate profit.

  1. I expected more of a progressive and was unhappy at how centrist he is.
  2. I wanted an intelligent, educated president and I got one; only thing is, he and I don’t see the same on some issues.
  3. He has had far more patience with the GOP and its tactics than I care to see.
  4. He’s missed some opportunities and been slow to see others that come up.
  5. I still prefer him hands down to anyone the other side has, by a country mile.

The only thing I would change in the paragraph above is to remove the word ‘almost’. Everything else? Spot on.

I voted only somewhat satisfied.