Are you supposed to tip the hotel shuttle bus driver? (US)

If your hotel provides a courtesy transportation service to and from the airport, are you supposed to tip the driver?

Seems like you have tip EVERYONE in the US these days. I’m always super sensitive about tipping because of the stereotype that minorities are cheap when it comes to tipping. I always end up erring on the side of generosity.

He/she’ll generally load and unload your luggage, so $1 per bag as a general rule. More if conditions warrant.

They are paid wages, therefore I don’t tip. Then again I don’t tip waitstaff more than I have to either.

Sounds like tipping in the US is getting WAY out of hand.

On of my previous jobs at a hotel (in Canada) included driving the courtesy shuttle. It wasn’t to the airport very often, mostly to and from local offices/restaurants.

Tips were extremely rare, 1 or 2 a month rare; which explains why it wasn’t as popular a duty as room service delivery.

On the other hand most of the people who did tip were American so perhaps they were used to tipping for similar services in the states.

My friend from the UK was horrified when she learned you were expected to tip someone for cutting your hair. So was I actually (having been out of the US for 11 years).

I do think it’s ridiculous, but I also don’t want to appear cheap just to make a point. When in Rome and all that.

I would probably tip them if they helped me with bags or were otherwise helpful like offering advise on things to see or do. If they’re just doing whatever they do - driving around a bus, then I don’t tip bus drivers.

Most of the time I do. No one looks at you weird if you don’t. I have also stayed at hotels where the managment forbade the practice.

If they help with bags then definitely I would. Most of the time, I use the shuttles for short trips around town to pick up dinner or something, so I will usually tip for that.

Its a crappy job so I don’t mind giving them a buck for a pleasant ride.

I’ve never heard of this. I might do it if one helped me with my luggage, but otherwise not. But in my experience, the driver generally stays behind the wheel and doesn’t touch the luggage. When the van gets to the hotel, the bellhop takes the luggage, and I tip him.

Those people make out like bandits mainly 'cause they never report their tips.

I’ve worked at many airport hotels in Chicago and Maryland and the standard tip is $1.00 for the ride. If you have a bag that they carry in, it’s another $1.00 per bag.

If you don’t want to tip them then give them a buck for the ride and carry your own bags. I always thought it was odd that the bellmen and drivers made as much as the desk clerks, yet were tipped and unlike waiters never reported them.

I used to to get quite a kick out of it when I was the asst controller, and I would tell the drivers and bellman they have to report those tips, and they would, say “No you don’t.”

I usually wouldn’t. I might consider tipping him/her if he was especially friendly and handled my luggage.

I always tip my hairdresser, she does a great job and I appreciate what she does for me.

I’d tip the shuttle bus driver too, just like I’d tip a cabbie.

Loads your giant suitcase? Yes. Hands up your backpack? No.

Me either. I always have to unload my own bags so I see no reason to tip the driver.

I tip him $1 for every suitcase that he handles. If I only have carry-on, then I don’t give a tip.

ETA: Much of this habit comes from travelling with my wife, who is very generous. She gives to everybody.

^ This.

The only drivers I tip for just driving me around are taxi drivers.

I tip them if they handle my/our bags. And they usually handle the bags as I become a slacker when traveling.

I tipped one a dollar the other day. He had a tip cup on the console. No luggage, just a shuttle from one building to the flower show and back. I’d throw him a fin with luggage.

I think they’re catching on to Operation: Whitey Discount. :wink:

Give em a buck or 2.