Are you wearing a mask if you go out in public?

I do not.


Knock it off. This is an attack on a poster and that’s what’s not allowed.

As you know, you are free to correct as much incorrect information as you feel is contained within the thread.

This is not a warning, but don’t push this attack further.

ETA: After further review, staff agree this should be upgraded to a formal Warning for making a direct attack on another poster.

People who wish to, fine. But all of us? No thanks.

Being vaccinated, I’m currently not inclined to wear a mask. I don’t think I’m likely to pose a threat to others, so long as they’re paying enough attention to whether others are existing near them that social distancing is doable. I will, however, put one on without fuss if a specific place states a wish that I do so (such as during a recent eye exam) or if I’m having some sort of upper respiratory symptoms, even if it’s most likely just a mild cold or my allergies.

How can you TELL about your county? Trying to zoom in sends my approximate area right off the non-movable map. They need some sort of search function where you can input your county and get back usable info.

I think the CDC has been slow and communicated badly throughout the pandemic. They were slow to acknowledge that covid was airborne. They lied about masks when they were worried about the supply of masks for medical staff. They failed by looking at masks as an individual, rather than a societal, choice when they said, “fully vaccinated people take em off”. IMHO, they should have said, “if you are vaccinated and local incidence is less than X”, for some moderate value of X.

I think “proven greatly reduced odds of dying, proven greatly reduced odds of hospitalization, and extremely likely greatly reduced odds of long covid” is an extremely tasty carrot, personally.

You can believe whatever you want to believe, but the science – if you are really interested in that – tells a different story. With the delta variant, vaccinated people can spread disease, as can unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people have a lower viral load, but if you are vaccinated and unmasked and you bring the virus home to your 80 year-old father/grandfather and kill him…you’re responsible for negligent homicide. You’ve been told the risks; you just don’t want to be bothered.

Please retake that mail-order mind-reading course that you obviously failed. Also, welcome to my ignore list. I’m not at all interested in hysterical ad-hominems that read like I blasphemed your religion.

BS. Do you have a cite for being unmasked around grandpa is somehow "negligent homicide? Not, you don’t.

To the mods who think I am being too aggressive, I have been consistently complaining about the CDC guidance. Let the record show that the CDC changed their guidance. In other words, I am right. I have been right all along. I have been trying to supply this message board with the latest info because I do my homework. People who read my posts/threads are actually getting better information than CDC guidance. If that strikes everyone as arrogant, narcissistic, or chicken little, whatever – the facts speak for themselves.

Attack the post, not the poster. If you believe that someone is posting incorrect information, post what you think is the correct information. If your facts do actually speak for themselves, then let them speak.

You can be aggressive with facts. Just don’t be aggressive towards other users.

“Someone is wrong on the internet!” is not an excuse to misbehave.

Okay but who’s doing more damage here? People who (I will say it, knowingly) spread crap information, or the posters that confront them on it? We’re talking about life and death here, for real.

I am willing to get banned for this – this is life and death serious stuff we’re talking about.

You can make your point without attacking other users. You are not being silenced in any way.

If you want to get banned over this, that’s on you.

If you want to discuss this further, take it to ATMB.

If you have a mouse wheel, just hover over the general area you are interested in and then use the wheel to zoom in and out as needed.

I’m on a laptop, so no mouse wheel.

Then just select a state and county from the dropdown above the map.

Did that. Couldn’t ID my own county due to image size, and had the aforementioned issues with attempting to zoom in.

Just selecting it in the dropdown should be good enough. While it will still show the entire state, the colored status bar above the map should have the proper level highlighted.

Right you are. Must have had a slight eye-to-brain hiccup to miss that, or just had scrolled too far down and the bar was off-screen on the first try. Thanks!

Above the map, there are dropdown selections for state and county. When I selected my state, the county drop-down only showed the counties in my state. And when I selected my county, there was an awkward pause, and then the map zoomed in to show my county, outlined, within a large image of the part of my state close to my county.