Are you wearing a mask if you go out in public?

When going to the grocery store, etc. I only see about half of the people out and about, wearing any type of mask.

The CDC is recommending that all people out in public should be wearing masks, not just counting on social distancing. This recommendation is not so that you won’t catch the virus, it is so you won’t spread the virus. There are numerous studies that droplets can spread beyond 6 ft.

If everyone out in public wear masks, then we will significantly reduce the spread.

So, do you wear a mask when out in public?

I am.

We have to.

I was already, though. I’ve only been out a few times since, um, March 12th I think? I’ve gone out 3 times to the grocery store, once to the pharmacy, once to the vet, and once to my pain specialist doctor.

But mostly I just stay home. I’m working from home, as well.

Going for a walk outdoors, no. Going into a grocery, pharmacy, or takeout restaurant, yes. And, at least in my limited experience, that seems to be the trend around here (Chicago northwest suburbs); few walkers are masked, most shoppers are.

We have to as well. I have a couple that I rotate through whenever I have to be out. Our local grocery stores won’t let you in without one.

Yes, a cloth mask if going in to a store. Just outside the house or in the car, no. Lots of people walking on the sidwalk across the street from me lately, never see any wearing a mask.

I don’t know if we have to or not. It seems to me that about half do. I don’t.

Yes. I don’t wear it in the car, but even if I’m just taking my dog for a ride I’ll bring one with me just in case. I’m not out walking at all.

Also, I’m not going anywhere near someone who isn’t wearing a mask.

Yes, I am wearing a bandana and have been for about the last 2 weeks. I’d wear a surgical mask but those are still virtually impossible to come by. I maybe go out 2 times a week for the last month and a half. Where I live (Delaware) I’m seeing roughly 80% mask wearers at grocery stores (the only places I go). Almost everyone not wearing one are young people (the most likely asymptomatic carriers).

This is one area I think they blew it. I can understand the motivation of saying you don’t need to wear masks if you’re trying not to make it impossible for healthcare workers to get them. But I WOULD have worn this DYI bandana WEEKS earlier if they hadn’t said that.

Not when I walk in the neighborhood every morning around 7 am-- everyone walking keeps well away from everyone else, much farther than six feet. This is a very spread out area-- no crowding at all.

Today I popped into Whole Foods for a few things and I did wear a mask. So was everyone else in the store, although there weren’t very many customers-- maybe 20 in the whole store. It felt VERY STRANGE to get in my car, drive somewhere, and walk into someplace that wasn’t my own house. I haven’t been anywhere else in five weeks. I’ve gotten grocery and takeout food deliveries (left on the porch, no contact), but I’ve been at home. I take that back: I bring my dog to the vet for a treatment every three weeks, but the vet techs come out to the car wearing masks and gloves, take off the dog’s collar/leash and put on their own leash, and then take her in. That process is reversed when I pick her up. They take payment over the phone.

I filled up the car right before all of this started and at this rate, that tank of gas will last til Christmas.

Yes, but I’ve only been out around people or had a contractor nearby 4 or 5 times since March 12. I haven’t been within 6 feet of anyone but my wife since March 13.

My wife is the one who mostly goes out for things (post office, grocery store), and she does every time. We’re in West Michigan, and she says less than half of the people she encounters or in the wild are wearing masks right now.

Yes, since last week, governor’s decree (or it’s “executive order” a better translation?) for all Buenos Aires province, I think the president then followed with another for all the country, but I already had my mask.

Not when just walking to check the mail or something, but it’s required to go into most public establishments in Maryland, so yes, I do. My real masks haven’t arrived yet but I’ve got a cut-up shirt that I tie over my nose and mouth to comply with the order.

I wear one when I go to any store or when I walk on trails in my area. I don’t wear one when I walk through my neighborhood because I can do so and remain more than 20 feet away from others. I don’t wear one at work because it’s fairly easy to distance from my coworkers. As my state, Ohio, prepares to open some things up in May I expect that wearing masks at work might be mandatory for us and I’m ok with that.


I wear a lightweight respirator whenever I go into a public building like a grocery store. I made cloth masks but the respirator doesn’t fog up my glasses and I am sure it is far more effective, so I am giving them away to people who need them. I wear disposable gloves when shopping. Everyone wears masks here now, it is required in public spaces. Very rare to see anyone without one now.

I don’t wear a mask if I am riding or hiking in the state forest, nor are the people I see out there. We are well over six feet away from each other; more like twenty – on a horse I’m already seven feet off the ground. If I am hiking with friends though, we all wear masks and stay at least ten feet apart.


Yes. I wear a buff when I run, but otherwise I wear a mask for walking, biking, and the few times I’ve gone shopping. I don’t put one on for taking out the trash.

I have graduated from gaiter or silk scarf to an actual mask. started wearing the gaiter when I would head out to office/errands. at first I was one of the few, now more people are wearing them. the actual masks were delivered yest. and fog up my glasses more than the gaiter.

I live in a high rise, and the building is asking everyone to wear mask/covering when we leave our units. for the last few weeks it was spotty. now all are complying.

Whenever I leave my property, I put the mask around my neck. When I get anywhere near people, I put it over my nose and mouth. I go hiking daily. When I encounter anyone on the trail, I put my mask over the mouth and nose and step 10 feet off of the trail until they pass.

In stores, I would guess that more than half of the people I see are masked. On the trails, I am pretty much the only one.

If I am going to a store or restaurant for take-out - always. I use folded bandannas with a paper product inside.

However, for exercise I walk on trails and sidewalks every day now, and also ride a bicycle many days as well, and do not mask-up for that, as I encounter few people and when I do, it is easy to give each other a wide berth.