How long will you continue to wear a mask when you’re fully vaccinated and immunized?

Especially in relation to current (lack of) mask mandate on the part of government or private business where you live. I’m especially wondering who’s going to continue with them after they’re ended, for how long, and whether anybody’s planning to stop before then, since this is a decision a lot more people are going to be making very soon.

For quite a while. Masks don’t bother me the tiniest bit, so there’s basically zero cost in continuing to use them. Of course it’s academic since we still have a mask mandate here. I’ll reevaluate in several months. Maybe when the CA infection rate has dropped below 1000/day.

Here in Michigan I plan getting fully vacinated by mid April and then leaving mask behind around Memorial Day.

If a business requires one I will still wear it inside or while receiving service.

When the local population has been vaccinated enough that the government (with Fauci’s blessing) lifts the mandates, I’m done.
I’ll have zero problems wearing them into businesses that continue to require them* and I’ll be careful not to get coughed on or cough on other people as well as maintaining distance between myself and others when possible. But if I can (safely) walk around Home Depot or the local megamart without one, I’m not likely to do it voluntarily.

*At least for some reasonable time. If we’re 5 years out and the only time you even remember that time when we had the pandemic is when you walk into the only store that still requires one, I probably won’t go there.

ETA: Just to be clear, I don’t plan to decide for myself when to stop wearing it just because I’m vaccinated (second dose in two weeks, so I should be good in about a month). Just when the authorities give us the all clear. In the mean time, I’m fine with the suspenders and belt approach.

Leaving it on for the time being. It doesn’t bother me to wear it, and it will cause others not to worry about me when I get near them.

Until the pandemic is over. Sure, among a select few we can dispense with it now.

As long as the legal measures require me to.

Well, “authorities” in states like Texas have already deemed such measures unnecessary. I assume you’re not listening to them? If so, do you trust that nationally based experts like Fauci have more knowledge of what’s needed in your state than state-based authorities (political or scientific)? And I can easily imagine Fauci being very very conservative when talking about measures on a nationwide level. How explicitly will he need to say, yes, it’s safe, before you assume it’s actually safe?

These are the kinds of questions I was thinking about when I posted the OP. Glad this is shaking out in discussion.

It’ll probably be permanent for me. I haven’t contracted any communicable disease since the pandemic started. I attribute that at least in part to wearing an N95 mask in public. Even if we get lucky and completely eradicate SARS-CoV-2, there are still many other disease spread via droplet and airborne transmission out there. I’m taking the opportunity to reduce my risk of contracting those other diseases as well.

I’m fully vaccinated, and I’m still wearing it. And will continue to do so until the CDC says we can stop.

During air travel? Probably indefinitely.

In really crowded indoor places with questionable ventilation? Meh, I’m gonna think hard about it.

I also don’t think I’ll be eating at any buffets again any time soon.

I’m going to watch the numbers and listen to the experts as far as wearing a mask among family and friends. But I’ll be wearing a mask in stores at least during flu season every year. Or maybe all the time. I don’t know yet. This isn’t the last pandemic we will experience and I don’t think the next one will play out much differently than this one based on the human behavior we’ve witnessed. I’d rather be ahead of the game. And masks don’t bother me.

Forever - I’ve decided that I quite like not having to force a smile while I’m interacting with the public.

Texas hasn’t said it’s safe. They’ve said it is a matter of personal responsibility. Basically, they have decided it’s a personal matter and not their job to give guidance.

As such, waiting till the CDC or my local health board gives guidance isn’t picking and choosing who to listen to.

Until reputable scientists and doctors tell me I don’t need to wear one. I’m guessing September.

I’m hoping it becomes culturally ingrained like in other countries to wear a mask when under the weather.

I’m not…uh…holding my breath.

I think two weeks after I get my second shot, I’ll start only wearing a mask when I go somewhere where it’s required. Currently, I wear it every time I leave my apartment, even if I’m staying outdoors.

I’ll ditch masks once both of these things are true:

  • I’m fully vaccinated
  • The state drops the mask mandate

Basically my answer. I’m fully vaccinated but I’m trying to model good public-spirited behavior.

After many questions on Newsy, some government person admitted that is why they want us to continue wearing masks after vaccination. We were all vaccinated at work, so I don not feel a need to wear it around other staff, and onlt other staff, but in all other circumstances, I will continue to wear it. I surely do not want to encourage non vaccinated people to not wear a mask because they see me without one.