Are your threads DOA? Lots of mine are.

Inspired by "Are you a thread killer? I am, and here’s proof "

I searched and found that out of 448 threads I’ve started since 11/01 (not including this one), 23 never got a single reply. For 4 more, the only doper to reply was me. :smack: That’s over 6%.

What is wrong with you people? :stuck_out_tongue: I invite you to search for my name, and answer my damn questions.

My bad-me head-voice said, “Boyo Jim, you make some of the most obscure and pointless comments on these boards”.

To which my fuck-you-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on head-voice replied, “So?”.

And then my rational head-voice wondered how many others get significant numbers of threads with no reply. I wonder if this is some special kind of geekhood crown? Yeah, that’s it… well, it’s a better explanation than some of the alternatives,

Not to be a party pooper but isn’t this inviting everyone to use the search function?

Allow me to kill the party:

I probably shouldn’t admit this :::blushes, hangs head::: but your threads are usually the ones I DO search for, Boyo Jim. I really like your style of writing, and the work situations you describe are entertaining, to say the least. In fact, I think I personally killed one of your threads not long ago. :rolleyes:

The political threads I read, but I don’t enter those types of discussions.

I wish you posted more in the four forums I usually start out reading: IMHO, MPSIMS, Cafe and Pit. I rarely get over into Great Debates of General Questions.
(And yes, I do read the comic section of the paper first. Why do you ask?) Those people in there tend to intimidate me a bit. Silly, I know, but sometimes those discussions get so heavy that I just don’t have time to get involved.

So I’ve been meaning to ask you: how’s the chair working out? Still living up to its advertising? We need an update!

Boyo Jim[list]
First, I DO recognize your name and generally enjoy reading your posts.
Second, I don’t think I’ve ever responded to any of them, because as my post count will testify, I don’t do a heckuva lot of responding.
And third, you may want to check into the number and variety of voices in your head :smiley: , and Hi, Opal!

What do you think we pay for?

To the OP: you have plenty of data. Why do you think that certain threads got no response? Did you really think all 448 threads were great?

It will be pretty ironic if this thread gets a huge number of responses.

Oh Og, please don’t let me be the killer of this thread too.

I won’t let that happen to you, laina_f.

me neither.

Why does this look familiar? Oh right!