Are zombies now dealt with by headshot?

So there was this old thread that got resurrected by what probably was a drive-by posting; I posted afterwards, and now, while the thread is still there, both the resurrecting and my post are gone, returning the thread to its (well-deserved, IMO, which is why I’m not linking to it) rest.

Now neither is any great loss, but I didn’t know that this was being done, i.e. I haven’t really witnessed any deletion of content (other than obvious spam, maybe) before. So is this a recent thing, or has it always been that way? Is this decision made based on content, or some new 'put ‘em down as they come up’ kind of policy?

Again, I’m neither complaining about the loss of my post or the one that resurrected the thread, but I’m apparently hazy on the rules/operating procedure here and would appreciate clarification.

The post was spam, so I deleted it and your response. That’s what we normally do when spammers revive zombie threads. If someone makes a new contribution to the discussion, we’ll leave it alone, but if the new posts are just spam and “Reported” or things like that, we’ll delete those.

I meant to add that if those posts had been made to an active thread instead of a thread from 2003, they would have been dealt with the same way.

Awesome. Next time a spammer revives an old thread, I’m going to report it to the mods and post:

“Reported for headshot”.

That’ll make the whole thing so much more fun.

Cool! Now, what’s the code-phrase for new threads generated by spammers?

OK, thanks for the info (and also for presumably fixing the typo in the title). I must’ve missed this being done previously, and just was surprised that the thread no longer turned up in my subscriptions.

Right, by its nature this is something you might not notice since it kind of un-zombifies the thread: with the spam deleted, the thread no longer has any recent posts. This happens pretty often since spammers are responsible for reviving a lot of zombie threads.

“reported for nad-shot”

“From Hell’s heart I stab at thee. For Hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”


AKA Rule #2, The Double Tap.