Area 51 gets too much publicity

Area 51 gets way to much publicity, theres probably nothing that important there, the governemnt denies everything just to keep us curious… Area 51 could have once been an important research facility, but now theres definentily a more important place. Most facilities like tatare underground, the only way to find them is use a metal detector to fine an underground 100 kilovolt powerline that travels there, or look above ground for a random sub-power-station in the middle of nowhere. We are all so clueless about this topic, yet we spend so much of our time trying to find out more about it…all of the supposedly “trusted” sites are controlled by the government. therefore any information that the public shouldn’t know about is denied/not shown…we need to find new sources, we cant trust the governemnt, they’re all liars, we don’t have any certified information about any of the testing facilities, everything we know could be lies, the press cant be trusted because they know the public beleives almost everything they hear, so they could make up some story about it we beleive it, the officials are happy…

Here hands S41Freak51 a tinfoil hat

Everyone gets one of these as a free gift

has anyone heard of area 19 missile testing base? or area 20 steath research? area 103 alien studies? figures, didnt think any of you would, see? all of the information the governemnt doesnt want us to know is kept secret, once you find something good thats true, everyone denies it, nobody beleives you…anyway, you people need to find out more on the topic your talking about before you talk about it…

Dear S41Freak51 ,

The Rainbow is in the Sugarbowl.
I repeat: The Rainbow is in the Sugarbowl.

Do you copy, S41Freak51 ?

Okay, I’ll play.

The government knows about the existence of life other than human in the Universe.

The government has made a generational (meaning not just one administration, or even within the the lifespan of a handful influential people who would profit from exclusive knowledge of this) decision to keep this information private.

So this means to me that either there really is nothing to see here, folks, or that the people with all the information truly believe it’s better for the public to not know about it. Either way, I’m fine with that.

Because nothing in these secret areas are going to help me provide for my loved ones or enjoy life, are they?

The best secret is no secret at all. That way they can never take it away from you.

Of course since they don’t know you don’t know, they’ll assume you know and so try harder to get it out of you. Since you can never reveal it, it must be of great importance. :rolleyes:

You state that the Government denies everything about Area 51.
You state that we can’t trust the Government … they’re all liars.
Therefore if there really is something at Area 51, the Goverment must deny it, otherwise we wouldn’t know it was there.

You state that we are all so clueless about this topic.
No, some of us know the truth. :wink:

You state that we spend ‘much of our time trying to find out more about it’.
Actually, no.
Not all of us. :slight_smile:


Have you ever tried decaff ?

They say a little knowledge can be dangerous.

I know nothing, therefore I am infinitely dangerous.

Yeah, Areas 50 and 52 are soooo jealous!
:: pout ::

Well, the OPs comment was posted within the influence ring of a full moon just past.

Certain political operatives raised a lot of interest in Area 57 during the presidential campaign. It’s hard to say how effective a distraction that was. :smiley:


Perhaps it would help your cause if you studied spelling** and grammar.

Now you admit you know nothing much about Area 51. How come you’re talking about it?

*on a public message board, of all places!

**not Tori Spelling

Sorry, amigo. All the info is already out on this site:

Hmmm, maybe I do need to research this. I don’t even know what a “steath” is. I have managed to find out, however, that it is so secret it’s not even in the dictionary. Oh, no! The government has infiltrated the reference book industry and is censoring information! I wanna know about area ldhad hdkj! It’s not in there, either!

Look at that! They censored Airman Doors’ post!

Personally, I am 100% right there with S41Freak51, but I would expand on the OP by asking this question:

Purse tubing blather mark horseshoe mumble tumble and ginfart?

Don’t you mean “BUGGRIT! Millenium Hand & Shrimp”?

Batman, if he’s prepared.