Area code 249 arrives in central Ontario

In the continuing spirit of the area code 343 thread, I can now reveal that area code 249 has been activated in central and northern Ontario. It serves the same area as 705 (Peterborough, Barrie, and points north, including Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie). Link. Area code 807 in the far northwest is now the only part of Ontario that does not have ten-digit dialling or an overlay code.

Beauty, eh?

Like Muffin said in the other thread I am in the last of the Ontario 7 digit dialing. I just broke the 705/249 news to my beau. We giggle at the idea of 10 digit dialing in his home town, they just got their 4th 3 digit exchange in the last few years.

great. those of us in Oakland Co. Michigan will now get a bunch of mis-dials due to Canadians fat-fingering…


Huh, just looking at the link in the OP, turns out us Tobans are getting one in 18 months!

Call me pessimistic, but I see loads of confusion coming about, as we’ve always been just 204, since the time dinosaurs roamed the earth. Remind me to limit contact with my mother around then (hmmm, introduction date is our anniversary!) as I know she’ll be majorly confused.

The big adjustment is getting used to dialling all ten digits of the number, even on local calls that were formerly seven digits. Once you’re doing that, adding a new area code as an overlay doesn’t affect how you dial existing numbers. You just end up with two little slots in your brain instead of one for local numbers: “oh, both 204 and 431 can be local to me”.

Mind you, if you live under the brutal tyranny of mandatory toll alerting as we do in Ontario, you then have to dial ten digits for local, and 1+ten digits for long-distance, and sometimes there is no easy way to tell whether a number is local or long-distance. They should let you dial 1+ten digits for any call, even local calls.

Does Manitoba still publish which exchanges are local to each place in the phone book?

Dude, can’t you spoiler this shit? I was waiting for the movie version :frowning:

But can you still get POTS?

wow. nice one

The poor folks who get the first few 249 numbers…“249, where’s that?!” will be uttered pretty much every time they give out their phone number.

The “438s” in Montreal still get teased (at least amongst my friends hehe) by us far superior “514s”, though we grant that “438” is still better than “450”, the south shore! :wink: