Areas in US without ALL Big Three Networks

I am looking for areas of the country that don’t get all three major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) on full power, over the air, television stations.

I know South Bend, Indiana doesn’t get ABC over the air, only on a low power station or cable.

What other areas? Also areas like Rochester MN don’t count as they only get one network but they get the other two from nearby cities (Austin and Mason City)

I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but in Detroit CBS is broadcast on a UHF rather than VHF frequency(channel 62). It used to be channel 2 about 10 years ago, but then Fox bought channel 2 and CBS had to scramble to find a new affiliate. Actually, until about 5 months ago there was no 11 o’clock CBS news in Detroit. Even now, they share a news team with the local UPN station.
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You realize that quite alot of the US is unable to receive all four major networks (you forgot Fox) due to something called mountains in the way of the nearest transmitter and then there are states like Montana and Alaska which are so big that alot of folks live a fair distance from a transmitter.

But for curiosity sakes, I have friends who live in downtown Long Beach, CA (close to L.A. and pop of >500,000) who must subscribe to cable because the reception of the major four are either non-existent or very poor (and the cable company is not good but I digress into either IMHO area or PIT ;)).

Northeast Mississippi and Northwest Alabama are without an ABC affiliate.

Because the area isn’t a hotbed of consumerism, it’s hard to sustain over three local television stations. Currently the nearest ABC affiliates are in Memphis, TN and Huntsville, AL.

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Where I grew up (Grand Junction, CO), we only had one network TV station, KREX, which was a CBS affiliate. They did broadcast select NBC and ABC shows (“Little House on the Prairie”, for example), and consequently also didn’t show some low-rated CBS shows (“Shields and Yarnell”).

There was cable service that carried the Denver network affiliates. But the Denver CBS affiliate was mostly “blacked out”, except for programs it carried unique from KREX’s. But instead of just having a blank screen, the cable service just dubbed over Denver’s NBC station. Weird.

In 1980, I think, we finally got an ABC affiliate, KJCT. And since I moved, I believe they now have an NBC, Fox, and UPN station.

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