Arena music question

Okay, I’m watching the Leaf/Islander game, and Kaberle just scored an empty-net goal. After he scored, they played some a piece of music that I often hear in arenas. It’s fast, and sounds synthetized.

Anybody know what it is? Not knowing much about music, I can’t describe it well, but hopefully somebody who was watching the game can clue me in.

I have no clue.

O Canada?

The Czech National Anthem?

Theme from “Rocky”?

I don’t know exactly what it was you heard as I ddint see the game, but It might be one of a number of Rush songs. They’re Canadian and get played a lot at sporting events. Could be something like “The Spirit of Raido” or something. That would fit the bill as fast and synthetic-sounding…just a shot in the dark though.

Rock and Roll (Part 2) by Gary Glitter is most frequently played after goals. Was the song punctuated by the crowd yelling “Hey!”?

Duck Duck Goose, it wasn’t O Canada or the theme from Rocky, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Czech national anthem.

Second Echo, it was instrumental. I’m a Rush fan, so I don’t think it was one of theirs.

Number, it wasn’t Rock and Roll (Part 2). I know that song, but the Leafs usually play this one after goals. I’ve heard it elsewhere, though.

“Sandstorm” by Darude? That’s played a lot at stadiums.

Is it “Get Ready For This”?

You can find a sound sample at CDNow here

I think it was written by producers/mixers Jean Paul DeCoster and Paul Wilde.

It’s on about 50 sports jam compilations and dance compilations.

ZipperJJ is correct. While I didn’t see the game, the Air Canada Centre (and Maple Leaf Gardens before it) plays that song after every Leaf goal. Frankly, I think it’s time to come up with something new.

A lot of teams now play this song that goes something like “ohohohOHoh…ohohohOHOHohOH…OHoh…OHoh”

I’m sure that sounds like utter gibberish but that’s how the song goes.

Anyone got a name?

if memory serves me right, the “ohohohohoh” song I believe was popularized by fans of UK team Manchester United, and in fact the song was released as a single and shot to #1 on the UK pop charts a few years back. I believe that is how it migrated to the states.

Now, if anybody actually knows the title of the song, that would be a big plus. Anyone?

Lovable Rogue

What surprises me is the staying power of Rock & Roll (part II). That song just keeps on truckin’ for some reason. A couple of years ago it looked like Song 2 was going to usurp Mr. Glitter and his musical / techno masturbation. Alas, the coup was thwarted. Thankfully, Who let the dogs out? was just a pretender to the throne.

You guys do know just how Gary Glitter last made it into the headlines? As a result he has rather been expunged from UK musical history. You couldn’t pay people to play his records now. So it’s doubly surprising Rock & Roll (Part II) still gets a public airing

He was my favourite singer when I was 5 years old too. :frowning:

There is a song popular at NHL games that goes “whooooo-hoooo” and I just recently found out it is by the group Blur. The song name is “Song 2”

I noticed at San Jose Sharks games they still play RnR2, but instead of the original version by GG it’s a newer, more synthy version.

Tarzan Boy by Baltimora. :smiley:

The Get Ready For This bit is from a 2 Unlimited song. 2 Unlimited was a Dutch dance/pop duo in the early '90s. They scored a string of hits in Europe, and if I’m not mistaken, their No Limit debut single even topped the Billboard 100 back in the day.

It’s pure and utter crap, though. :slight_smile:

Coldfire, grrr! Here I thought someone actually had an answer, and you are just exposing my lack of knowledge/interest regarding cheesy 80’s tunes! Oh well, never trust a grinning Mod I guess.