Aren't they going to give Richard Holbrooke a funeral?

He’s been dead 4 days. Why isn’t he buried?

I just googled “Richard Holbrooke funeral”. Nothing. No plans announced or anything. :confused:

Hell, shouldn’t he get a state funeral. Put him in the Capital Rotunda or something? Wherever the state funerals are.

If he is having some kind of state funeral, it might be impossible to do it any sooner. My Grandfather died the 2nd, (of the same thing as Holbrooke, coincidentally), and because he was a retired Colonel and had planned a funeral with military involvement, the absolute soonest they could have it was a week later on the 9th

Maybe he and his family didn’t want a big funeral, or any funeral.

He was technically jewish. Which means he may be buried by now. Jewish funeral customs are basically ‘in the ground in three days. Period.’ Then you mourn. On the other hand, he was only technically jewish, as I understand it, so maybe his family wouldn’t follow the custom. (Yes, jewish on both sides, no neither was observant.)

That’s what I thought too. He had to be in the ground within three days if his family is Jewish.

Given his long, long service (over 40 years) they may have a state funeral planned.

Given that he was the Julian Assange of his day (having written The Pentagon Papers that Daniel Ellsberg (the Private Manning of his day) leaked, I can imagine that everyone in DC would like this to fade away. I noticed that the various TV news outlets all omitted this large iceberg on their races to eulogize him.

It’s ridiculous to equate Holbrooke to Assange. Holbrooke never leaked anything or published leaked materials. Assange is much more comparable to the New York Times, which IIRC was the first publisher of the leaked Pentagon Papers.

It may well be that conservatives didn’t like the conclusions Holbrooke drew about the Vietnam War, but that is not at all comparable to Assange’s role in the current… situation.

According to the New York Times, a memorial service was held on December 17 at his apartment and a ceremony is planned for January 14 at the Kennedy Center.

Duckster: Yes, that’s what I meant by technically. It’s not entirely uncommon. The point being that even in jewish families that aren’t observant, when there’s no other custom, the religious one tends to show up around funerals.

Wow, great article about his memorial. I missed it because I was searching for “funeral”.

Really, a private memorial says a lot about how Clinton and the others felt. They came out of respect and weren’t interested in putting on a show for the cameras.

It took his death for me to know he wrote the Pentagon Papers. (I was born 3 years after the fall of Saigon)

Not all of them, though. According to Wikipedia, there were 47 volumes in the Pentagon Papers and he wrote one volume.

I have been wondering about his funeral, too. I think he already had one and I think they want it secret and I do not know why. If you get any more info on this, please post it.